Viability Scan

You can use a viability scan to check the sustainability of the pregnancy. The first scan occurs in 7-10 weeks of pregnancy to examine the fetus and its growth. It benefits women bleeding through the first trimester or having previously undergone miscarriages.

About the Test

A viability scan is the first test conducted by the Obgyn to check your pregnancy. They perform an abdominal scan to check if the fetus is growing properly. The doctor may opt for a vaginal scan if the fetus is too small.

  1. Date Scan: This test is called the dating scan and helps the Obgyn understand the fetus' health and growth. You can determine the due date with the help of this scan.
  2. Multiples: The doctor should hear the baby's heartbeat at this stage. It will help you know if the baby is fine and your number of babies.
  3. Placenta: The test picks up issues with the placenta. Placenta previa is a common issue that needs an early solution.
  4. Abnormalities: You can detect abnormalities in growth early with this test.
  5. Anomalies: Ectopic pregnancy is an anomaly that you should detect early. It will help prevent any issues.

Risk Factors Associated with the Test

There are no risks associated with this test. It is a routine ultrasound that doesn't impact you physically.

However, you may receive disheartening information about your baby or its growth. You might need to undergo a few more tests to determine the actual issue. For example, if the Obgyn observes amniocentesis, it might cause a miscarriage.

Preparing for the Test

A full bladder is a prerequisite for the viability scan. When the bladder is full, it ensures your body pushes the bowels down the pelvic region. As a result, it helps view the uterus fully and provides a good view of the fetus.

  1. You need to drink a glass of water before you start the ultrasound.
  2. It is a good idea to empty your bladder an hour and a half before the test.
  3. It is a good idea to wear loose-fitting clothes during the ultrasound.
  4. You can eat your food before the ultrasound. Make sure you don't skip your meals.

It is essential to note that children under 12 may not be allowed during the scan.

What to Expect from the Test?

The sonographer conducts the test in a dimly lit environment. It helps the sonographer get good images of the baby that can help the doctor deduce the health better.

You need to lie on your back for this test. The sonographer applies a gel to the stomach region and moves the probe of the machine along the stomach region. The images appear on the machine screen.

They might press hard along certain areas to get a better view of the baby.

Possible Results of the Test

If you take this test before the sixth week of pregnancy, you will notice a yolk sac. You will hear the baby's heartbeat during the seventh week of pregnancy.

In the eighth week of pregnancy, you learn more about the fetus. It helps you know about the fetus' growth, problems with your baby, and the development of the fetus.

It is a good idea to wait eight weeks to complete the sonography. It will give you a complete picture of the baby's growth.

When to See a Doctor?

Here's when you should visit the doctor post the viability scan:

  1. If the sonographer notices abnormalities in your scan
  2. If the development is not as per the schedule
  3. The heartbeat is too faint
  4. You have chances of ectopic pregnancy, or there are placenta-related issues


A viability scan is an ultrasound that occurs 7-10 weeks into pregnancy to confirm and test for abnormalities and the fetus' development. It also helps to confirm the pregnancy.

It helps determine if you need to visit the doctor for further guidance, and the doctor gets a complete view of your pregnancy to suggest a future course of action.

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1. How early can I have a Viability Scan?

You can undergo a viability scan as early as six weeks into pregnancy. At six weeks, you would gain a confirmation of the pregnancy.

2. Is a Viability Scan necessary?

It helps determine the due date and check on the baby. It is advisable to go with this scan to make the right decisions early into the pregnancy.

3. How many scans occur in the first trimester?

You will undergo two scans in the first trimester—one to confirm the pregnancy and the other to check the baby's development.

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