What is Preggo?

When a woman gets to know that she is pregnant it’s like a roller coaster as there are mixed feelings, because the entire journey of pregnancy is like embarking on a great adventure, there could be anxiety, happiness, stress, and joy.

Apollo Cradle cares for every expecting mother so we have ‘Preggo’ for you. Preggo is a holistic program specially designed for you by India’s leading maternity health experts to help transition parents-to-be into strong and confident parents.

Preggo offers focused programs such as:

  • Parent education
  • Physical fitness
  • Diet & nutrition
  • Emotional well-being
  • Series of individual workshops

Preggo ensures every expecting mother undergo a healthy delivery and is fully trained mentally and physically to offer her love, care and comfort the newborn.

Preggo sessions also includes meeting other Apollo Cradle parents to develop support networks with others going through the same experiences. Our Baby Shower, Mommy Makeover and other events are a unique combination of pampering and fun.