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Right from the time of birth, till the age of 12, your child will be vulnerable to a host of diseases, viruses, and bacteria. At such a tender age, the body of your child may not have the required immune system to protect them from these communicable diseases. In an event, where your child may contract a disease or virus, the consequences may be dire. Certain diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and HPV still exist today, and can still be easily be transmitted from one individual to another. In many parts of the world, vaccine-preventable diseases are still common, and there is every chance of your child contracting them.

To prevent such an occurrence, the ideal solution is to protect your child through vaccination. Vaccinations ensure that your child is immune to certain communicable diseases, thus preventing them from contracting it or even suffering from the effects of it. In the occasion where they come into contact with an infected individual, the vaccinated child will not be affected by the serious effects or complications.

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With timely baby vaccinations, your child will have a 90% chance of immunity against vaccine-preventable diseases. As different diseases can affect your child at different ages, it is crucial that you, as a parent, ensure the protection of your child. Apollo Cradle is well equipped and skilled in providing timely vaccinations for babies. Our team will provide you with adequate knowledge and specifics regarding each immunization and the appropriate immunization scheduling. A typical children vaccines schedule chart is:

Baby Immunization Schedule Table (based on IAPCOI recommendations) 

Birth BCG, Hep B1, OPV
6 weeks DTwP /DTaP1, Hib-1, IPV-1, Hep B2, PCV 1,Rota-1
10 weeks DTwP /DTaP2, Hib-2, IPV-2, Hep B3, PCV 2, Rota-2
14Weeks DTwP /DTaP3, Hib-3, IPV-3, Hep B4, PCV 3, Rota-3*
6 Months Influenza-1
7 Months Influenza -2
6 – 9 Months Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine
9 Months MMR 1 (Mumps, measles, Rubella)
12 Months Hepatitis A- 1
12 – 15 Months PCV Booster
15 Months MMR 2, Varicella
16 – 18 Months DTwP /DTaP, Hib, IPV
18 – 19 Months Hepatitis A- 2**, Varicella 2
4 – 6 years DTwP /DTaP, IPV, MMR 3
9 – 15years (Girls) HPV (2 doses)
10 – 12 Years Tdap/ Td
2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Year Annual Influenza Vaccine

It is crucial that all the recommended vaccinations for children are given at the right stage of your doctor-approved schedule. Although the timing for each child vaccination shot may differ according to the age and location, our medical team at Apollo Cradle will ensure that you are kept informed of each immunization that is due. Additionally, our team is also well equipped to handle any specialized needs of your child and provide relevant treatment in the event your child suffers for any adverse reactions.

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If you have any queries regarding baby immunization schedules or vaccinations for infants, you can always approach our trusted and reliable medical team at Apollo Cradle for any information.

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