Pediatric Surgery

In many cases, it may be difficult for children to express any change in their clinical condition or any pain they may be experiencing. It will also be difficult for them to answer any medical questions, or even be patient or helpful during clinical examinations. Therefore, when there is a need for a pediatric surgery, it will take a skilled and experienced surgeon to perform this invasive medical procedure, keeping in mind the delicate physiological and psychological constitution of a child. Our surgeons at Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital are not only veterans in the field of child care, but also incorporate the use of advanced technology and equipment at our pediatric surgery centre, designed especially for children.

Why should you approach a pediatric surgeon?

Surgery can be as terrifying a concept for a child, as it is for an adult. When there is a requirement for such a medical treatment, you will want your child to have only the best care available. At the same time, your child will also need to be healthy to deal with the demands of surgery. Pediatric surgeons are experienced with managing the delicate psychological and physiological constitution of infants, children, and adolescents and are, therefore, well-equipped to handle their fears or ensure that they are in the best physical condition before surgery. At Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital, we ensure that your child undergoes the necessary treatment in a comfortable and non-threatening environment, under the care of only the best pediatric surgeons in India.

What is the pediatric surgeon’s role in treating your child?

Certain clinical conditions in your child may require surgical intervention to treat it. At Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital, we are trained to recognise such problems and provide the most appropriate pediatric surgery to treat the problem. The surgical treatment may include:

  • Surgery to correct congenital abnormalities in infancy, childhood or even adolescence such as cleft lip and palate, congenital hernia repair, etc
  • Injuries that require immediate surgery
  • Endoscopic procedures

Clinical conditions that require surgery such as appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, abscesses, etc.

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