How aware are you about your health and surroundings, in this pandemic situation?

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Question 1/10

Social distancing mandatory and enforced?

Question 2/10

Temperature screenings at every entrance?

Question 3/10

Sanitizers made available in all common commute areas?

Question 4/10

Face masks made mandatory for all who enter the premises?

Question 5/10

Frequent surface disinfection by Housekeeping staff?

Question 6/10

Contactless billing, payment and admission/discharge (if applicable)process?

Question 7/10

Quick admission process?

Question 8/10

Restricted count on visitors during visiting hours?

Question 9/10

Does any of your family members have had any serious gynaecology conditions?

Question 10/10

Do you have problems with excess facial hair and /or pimples?

Question 1/8

How does washing hands help prevent the spread of the virus?

Question 2/8

Why should you avoid touching your face?

Question 3/8

What is "social distancing?"

Question 4/8

What kind of face mask do you need to wear?

Question 5/8

Who in the general public needs to wear a face mask when out in public places?

Question 6/8

How can you disinfect surfaces?

Question 7/8

What are the best ways to prevent getting infected with the virus?

Question 8/8

How can I prevent the spreading virus to others?

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