• I was admitted to the Apollo Cradle, Amritsar for my delivery under Dr Meenu Arora. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr Meenu and her team for the brilliant teamwork. The staff was exceptional in providing me the comfort I needed. I had a wonderful experience and would surely recommend it to any of my expecting friends. Dr Meenu Arora

    • - Mrs. Ruchi Kapoor - Amritsar.
  • It has been a wonderful experience at Cradle Koramangala. Throughout my pregnancy and then the delivery period I have been relaxed because of the kind of attention and co-operation of the staff. Thank you for making my first time mommy experiences such a pleasure. Thanks to my doctor Dr. Shilpa Apte.

    • - Mrs. Aparna Rahul
  • Caring, Good service in Apollo Cradle Jayanagar; Very satisfied with it all, thank you.

    • - Mrs. Samuvutha