Pediatric Surgery and Urology

Pediatric surgery and urology is a department that deals with the specialized treatment of children and adolescents who require general or urological surgery. Pediatric surgery and urology deal with pediatric urology, general surgery, thoracic, gastrointestinal, neonatal and oncological surgery.

About Pediatric Surgery and Urology

Pediatric urological problems that are present from birth are different from the urological problems of adults and therefore, they need specialized treatment. Pediatric urology is a specialized form of surgery that deals with urological disorders in infants and children. It deals with surgery related to the genitourinary system which includes the kidneys, bladders, ureters and reproductive organs. Pediatric surgery and urology specialize in treating urinary tract obstructions, undescended testes, vesicoureteral reflux, incontinence, tumours of the kidney, bladder, testes, and vagina, genital abnormalities and hypospadias.   

Who Qualifies for Pediatric Surgery and Urology

If your child requires the following treatment and surgeries, he/she might qualify for pediatric surgery and urological treatment:

  • If your child has been diagnosed with birth defects and requires specialized surgeries of the lungs, intestinal tract, oesophagus, diaphragm defects ad abdominal wall defects.
  • If your child is suffering from defects in the groin area. Such defects include hernias, hydroceles and undescended testes.
  • Certain urgent operations such as appendectomies.
  • Surgery of different types of cancers such as abdomen, testicles, ovaries and abdomen.
  • Transplantation surgeries
  • Endoscopic procedures such as colonoscopy, esophagogastroduodenoscopy and bronchoscopy.
  • Other surgeries are needed by children.

Why are Pediatric Surgery and Urology Conducted?

Children cannot always express what is disturbing them. They mostly cannot answer medical questions. Pediatric surgeons are experienced and trained to examine children and specially treat them so that they feel safe and relaxed. Moreover, pediatric surgeons use facilities and surgical equipment that are specially designed to treat children. They are extensively trained to treat rare and critical surgical illnesses that may affect children. They are also trained to diagnose and treat birth defects. Therefore, pediatric surgery is conducted to treat surgical problems related to infants and adolescents.

Different Types of Pediatric Surgery and Urology

The different types of pediatric and urological surgery include the following:

  • Cystoscopy: The pediatric surgeon will examine your child’s lining of the bladder to diagnose complications.
  • Genitoplasty / Vaginoplasty: This is a reconstructive plastic surgery that is used to treat injuries and damage to the genitals. It is used to repair damage arising out of endocrine conditions, congenital disorders, and cancer treatment.
  • Endourologic Surgery: This is a minimally invasive surgery that is used to treat kidney stones.
  • Deflux Procedure: This procedure is used to treat vesicoureteral reflux (VUR). In this procedure, a biodegradable gel known as Deflux is injected into the bladder wall of your child.
  • Penile and urethral reconstruction: This surgery is done to repair the damaged or defective parts inside the urethral walls.
  • Artificial urinary sphincter implantation: A device is implanted to treat urinary incontinence that prohibits the flow of urine.
  • Robotic surgery: This is an advanced surgical procedure used to treat urological problems. This procedure uses a robotic arm to perform surgery.
  • Bladder reconstruction: This surgery is performed after the surgery to remove the bladder (cystectomy). The surgeon creates a new bladder for urine to pass out of the body.
  • Ureteral reimplantation: This surgery is done to repair the defects that will allow urine to flow properly.

Benefits of Pediatric Surgery and Urology

  • Pediatric surgeons are specially trained and experienced to evaluate your child’s problems, no matter how serious the problems may be. They provide the best treatment options that are specially designed for your child.
  • Pediatric surgeons are trained in performing minimally invasive surgeries. Minimally invasive surgeries are less painful and complicated as compared to open surgeries.
  • Pediatric surgeons are trained in the latest pain management techniques. This includes cryoablation where the pain is effectively managed after chest surgery. The nerves under the ribs are made numb by inserting a probe. This blocks pain signals after surgery.

Risks/Complications of Pediatric Surgery and Urology

The common post-operative complications seen in pediatric surgery are:

  • Nausea and vomiting after surgery.
  • Respiratory complications might lead to hypoxia.
  • Postoperative shivering and delirium.
  • Urinary retention after surgery because of anaesthetic drugs.


Infants and children can express their pain and problems. Therefore, their problems must be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Many children suffer from congenital defects which require surgery. Therefore, if you notice any abnormalities in your child, take him to a paediatrician or pediatric surgeon who is best trained to treat your child.

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1. What is the most common pediatric surgery?

The most common pediatric surgeries are hernia repairs, placement of ear tubes, repair of congenital heart diseases, repair of spinal abnormalities, correction of abnormalities in fetal development and repair of bone malformations.

2. Can pediatric surgeons operate on adults?

Most surgeons are trained in general surgery before they go on to specialization. Therefore, legally, if a pediatric surgeon qualifies for general surgery, he can operate on adults.

3. What are the possible complications of pediatric surgery?

The possible complications of pediatric surgery are nausea, vomiting, soreness and pain at the surgical site and restlessness.

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