Pediatrics (also called pediatrics) is a medical branch that deals with the health and medical care of newborns, children, adolescents, and young adults. The word pediatrics is derived from two Greek words: pais, which means child, and iatros, which means healer or doctor. 

The main aim of pediatrics is 

  • Reduce infant and childhood death rates
  • Help ease children's problems with chronic conditions
  • Prevent the spread of infectious diseases
  • Promote an overall healthy life. Not only is pediatrics concerned about the immediate health status of the child, but also the long-term effects on quality of life, body care, and survival. 

Pediatricians can find and treat various symptoms in children, which include viral infections, cancer, injuries, genetic conditions, and dysfunctions. 

About Pediatrics 

Pediatrics is a relatively new medical field that developed in the mid-19th century.

As discussed above, pediatrics is a branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of young ones. The age limit of patients ranges from birth to the age of 18. A medical practitioner specializing in this field is known as a pediatrician. He manages children's physical, mental, and emotional well-being at every stage of development and provides them with professional care. Apart from this, your child's pediatrician conducts a complete body checkup. 

Who Qualifies for Pediatrics? 

Pediatrics treats infants, children, and young adults who are under the age of 18. Your pediatrician will provide preventive body care and diagnose and treat injuries, infections, and diseases, including monsoon diseases among your children. 

Following are the roles and responsibilities of your child's pediatrician: 

  • Conduct a physical examination. 
  • Perform regular health and medical checkups. 
  • Give vaccines. 
  • Offer a health advisory to parents. 
  • Keep track of your child's physical, social, and emotional development. 
  • Diagnose and treat illness and health conditions. 
  • Prescribe medication. 

Why is Pediatrics Important?

Pediatrics is crucial for your child for varying reasons. Let us know about some of them!

  • Visiting your child's pediatrician is necessary for the health and well-being of your child. 
  • They evaluate and keep track of your child's emotional and physical fitness and ensure your baby's development is on track.
  • Your child's pediatrician also recommends vaccines for your child to help protect them from infections. 
  • Also, you can talk about your concerns regarding your baby at your child's well-child visit. 

Benefits of Visiting a Pediatrician 

  • A pediatrician serves as your initial point of contact whenever you have questions regarding the health of your child.
  • Regularly visiting a pediatrician will enable you to record your child's growth as the expert will measure the height and weight of your child and spot the possible issues and the reasons behind them.
  • The pediatrician checks the normal developmental patterns and conducts tests like vision and hearing tests to ensure that all the basic functions of your child's body are working smoothly.
  • A pediatrician not only treats a particular ailment but also ensures the health of your child from childhood to adolescence.

Risks or Complications of Pediatrics 

There are no risks or complications involved in seeing a pediatrician. Instead, visiting your child's pediatrician will only help improve your child's overall body care and development. So, you must consult a pediatrician for your child. 


Pediatrics as a medical field is relatively new and started in the mid-19th century. Pediatricians cater to the medical needs of newborns, children, and adolescents below 18. And they ensure the overall well-being of your child through their services. You should visit a pediatrician regularly.

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1. Who is a pediatrician, and what does he do?

A pediatrician is a professional doctor who is an expert in diagnosing the health problems of infants and children.

2. Why should I take my child to a pediatrician regularly?

For the best care of your child's health, it is highly recommended to visit a pediatrician as he will keep a record of your child's development and ensure your child's well-being through regular health checkups.

3. How can I find the best pediatrician for my child?

By asking your relatives, friends, and colleagues and researching on the internet, you can make a list of pediatricians in your city and select the best one for your child.

4. Should I see different pediatricians for my child regularly?

You should stick with one pediatrician for a long time because he will build trust with you and your child. In the case of children, trust is crucial, but if you are not satisfied with the services of your pediatrician, then you can explore other options too.

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