Preterm Labour

Preterm Labour is also known as Premature Labour. It happens at the time when the body is ready to give birth very early. If a pregnant woman faces labour three weeks earlier than the due date, it becomes Preterm Labour. It may result in early birth. However, many great doctors can delay the early delivery of the baby. 

Symptoms of Preterm Labour

You need to know several signs if you or anyone close to you is pregnant. It would help if you visited the doctor at the time of:

  • Backache- It mostly happens in the lower back. It will be constant, or it can stop sometimes. In this pain in the back, one cannot find comfort even after changing several body positions.
  • Cramps- The woman will feel cramps in the lower abdomen. These usually come with diarrhoea, and you may feel like you have a gas problem. 
  • Contractions- A most common symptom of Preterm Labour is Contractions. It happens every ten minutes and will get faster and more severe with time. 
  • Leakage of fluid from the Vagina- If you cannot tolerate the liquids for more than eight hours, visit the doctor immediately. 
  • Some flu symptoms- One may face symptoms like vomiting, nausea, or diarrhoea. Call the doctor urgently in this case. 
  • Increased pressure- One may feel too much pressure in the vagina or pelvic area.
  • Heavy vaginal discharge
  • Bleeding from the Vagina

Causes of Preterm Labour

Some common reasons for Preterm Labour are:

  1. Various habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, abusing prescription drugs, or using street drugs.
  2. A very stressful life. 
  3. Low status socioeconomically. It is called SES, a mixture of many things such as jobs, income, and education. In simple words, it depends on the amount of money you earn. 
  4. It can also happen when the partner abuses or hurts you. It may contain sexual, emotional, or physical abuse. 
  5.  Preterm Labour can also occur when you do so much hard work or stand for long hours. 

When to see a doctor?

It is highly suggested to visit a doctor if the pregnant woman is facing these symptoms at or before pregnancy’s 37th week: 

  • Suppose there is more discharge from the vagina than usual. The discharge includes mucus, blood, or water. 
  • If there is some extreme pressure in the lower belly as if the baby is coming 
  • Severe backache
  • Some cramps in the belly, including diarrhoea
  • Contractions that tighten the belly
  • When the water breaks

Risk factors of Preterm Labour

Various risk factors which can lead to premature labour are:

  • If the woman is underweight or overweight before consuming the baby
  • If the woman is a teenager or adult of more than 40 years
  • If the pregnant lady doesn't get any proper prenatal care
  • Smoking, drinking liquor or consuming drugs on the streets
  • Facing health conditions like preeclampsia, blood clotting disorders, diabetes, infections, or high blood pressure
  • Get pregnant with a child having Vitro fertilisation or birth defects
  • If the woman got pregnant very early after delivering a baby 

Possible complications of Preterm Labour

  • Complications the baby may face in the short-term: Problems in breathing, heart diseases, brain complications, problems in temperature control, blood issues, gastrointestinal issues, problems in metabolism, and immune system issues. 
  • Complications the baby may face in the long-term: Impaired learning, cerebral palsy, problems in vision, hearing loss, dental issues, psychological and behavioural problems, and most chronic health problems. 

Remedies / Treatment

Some extremely essential remedies that one needs to do to have a healthy baby are maintaining good health and getting the best prenatal care. 

One can also follow certain steps to avoid premature labour:

  • Do not take unnecessary stress and ask people for help whenever needed.
  • It is also said that there is a link between preterm birth and disease in gums, so floss and brush your teeth two times a day.
  • Quit smoking and drinking after getting pregnant.

It is also required to consult a good doctor from some of the best childbirth clinics in India. The doctor will determine the risk factors of premature labour and tell you the preventive measures. If you are witnessing any symptoms of preterm labour, it is suggested you


It is necessary to take various precautions and measures immediately after consuming a baby to avoid premature birth.

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1. What are the effects of preterm labour on the mother?

A woman who gave birth to a premature child has a high chance of anxiety and postpartum depression.

2. How earlier does premature labour begin?

It may occur before the pregnancy's 37th week. Premature babies can face severe long-term health problems in the future.

3. What does the doctor do to stop premature labour?

The doctor will prescribe the mother a tocolytic medication. It is used to suppress labour and provide the baby with some more time.

4. By how much time can anyone delay premature labour?

It can be delayed up to 34 weeks of pregnancy. After that, it is mandatory to give birth to the baby.

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