Paediatric Surgery & Urology

Paediatric surgery is a medical speciality that deals with the surgical treatment of kids. Paediatric urologists are surgeons and they help in the diagnosis, treatment and management of a child’s genital and urinary problems. If your child has an underlying problem that requires immediate medical attention, then it can be beneficial for you to reach out to a pediatric surgery and urology expert.

Who are Paediatric Surgeons And Urologists?

A Paediatric urologist is a specialist who can diagnose and treat problems related to the urinary and genital organs of children. They can deal with any illness or disease that can result due to a problem in the genitals or urinary tract of a child. A Paediatric surgeon can provide specialised care in case of prenatal, neonatal, trauma and paediatric oncology cases.

Treatments Provided By A Paediatric Urologist

  • Evaluation and management of urinary tract infections and voiding disorders which need surgery
  • Surgical reconstruction of the urinary tract due to genital abnormalities
  • Surgery of the groin in cases of hernia, undescended testes and more
  • Surgical treatment of kidney stones
  • Surgical treatment of tumours and infections in the testis, bladder or kidney
  • Urinary tract problems detected before birth

Types Of Paediatric Surgeries

  • Abdominal wall surgery to treat abnormalities like gastroschisis
  • Airway and respiratory surgery to treat foreign substances
  • Intestinal diseases through Bowel surgery
  • Cancer and tumour surgery for removing neuroblastoma
  • Chest wall surgery for malformations like pectus excavatum
  • Vascular surgery involving blood vessels in veins and arteries
  • Thoracic surgery for the treatment of lungs, airways, and chest wall diseases.

When To Visit A Paediatric Surgeon?

Certain Paediatric disorders may need the attention of a specialist. These include congenital malformations such as intestinal atresia, imperforate anus, and intestinal malrotation. In addition, abdominal wall defects, chest wall deformities, childhood tumours, and conjoined twins are some conditions which may require Paediatric surgery.

Why Do You Require A Paediatric Urologist?

A Paediatric urologist understands the specific problems that children face. They are trained at handling problems related to the genitals and can perform correct examinations. They are also adept at operating equipment that is specially designed for treating voiding problems.

Getting your child safely in the hands of a trained professional is the first step towards getting them the right treatment.


Problems related to Paediatric surgery and urology are common among children. It is best to reach out to an expert for their treatment for the comfort and safety of your child. Make sure to get them the best medical care that is out there at Apollo.

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1. When to see a Paediatric surgeon?

You may need to take your child to see a Pediatric surgeon if they are having problems that are present since their birth, have faced a transplant or injury or are getting a tumour or malignancy removed. It may be necessary to visit them for an examination of the digestive system.

2. What kind of training does a Paediatric urologist have?

A good Pediatric urologist must have experience of at least 4 years in medical school, 2 years in a surgical residency, and an additional 4-7 years in training under general urology.

3. What are some of the urological disorders that a Paediatric urologist treats?

Pediatric urologists can treat phimosis, ureterocele, hypospadias, posterior urethral valve, bladder augmentation surgery, neurogenic bladder urethral structure, undescended testis, pelvic ureteric junction obstruction, and more. A Pediatric urologist is experienced in handling several other similar problems.

4. What are some of the medical procedures adopted by a Paediatric urologist?

A Pediatric urologist is likely to make use of treatment methods such as cystoscopy, endourologic surgery, genitoplasty, reflux procedure, bladder reconstruction, penile and urethral reconstruction, artificial urinary sphincter implantation, drug therapies, robotic surgeries and urethral re-implantation.

5. Do Paediatric surgeons perform surgery on the reproductive organs?

Yes, a Pediatric surgeon can perform surgery on the ovary if there are ovarian tumours, cysts or torsions which can affect the ovary. Similarly, they can perform surgery on the testes if required. They can also perform various genitourinary surgeries which involve the urinary system and the reproductive system.

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