Maternity and Birthing

A beautiful and precious era of any woman’s life is pregnancy. One might question that it is motherhood after birth that is the best period. But motherhood begins the moment you realize that life is taking shape within you. The feeling of your baby growing and nourishing inside you gives you a new life as well. There might be fears and anxiousness intertwined with the good news. But rest assured there are advances in the medical field and quality of professional medical staff to guide you. We have some guidelines to help smoothen your journey in Maternity and Birthing. 

Early Pregnancy and Maternity

When you have the right symptoms, you are sure it is good news. From delay in cycle, nausea, headaches, and dizziness, to vomiting, anything could be a positive sign. Professionals can help you confirm the good news through a confirmation blood test. A home test is not always 100% reliable, but a blood test is.

The first trimester goes fast when you feel small changes in your body and daily life. These changes include:

  1. Increased blood circulation can cause rosy cheeks
  2. Feeling tired faster each day
  3. Experiencing tenderness in breasts
  4. Increase in Appetite
  5. Nausea and Morning Sickness
  6. Increase in Sensitivity to Emotions
  7. Change in Mindset
  8. Addition of Nutrition to Diet

The most important thing you experience is the change in your thinking. If this pregnancy was not planned, it might be challenging for you to stay in the right mindset. Taking help from medical experts might help you cope better and prepare your mind for a new chapter in your life. Moral support from your partner is the best medicine for any ailment of mind and body.

The start of the second trimester is when you have gotten used to the changes within you and feel comfortable. A slight gain of weight and swell of the belly is a positive sign of life growing. What adds to the happiness is the feeling of comfort and peace of mind along with the slight movements of the fetus. Anything that feels out of the ordinary is nothing to stress about. Staying calm and level-headed is the best way to solve any problem. Keep in touch with the doctors for checkups to stave off any fear of new developments.

Finally, the maternity period (third trimester) arrives. It feels faster for most moms-to-be with their babies getting bigger and heavier. The anticipation is high, and this is when you might wish for the baby to be born already, especially at the end of the eighth month. This is when your speed slows down and simple tasks become more tedious. You might feel discomfort at times and pre-labor pains to help your body adjust. Do Not Stress yourself. Staying positive is the best thing for your baby.

‘Speak to your baby, listen to music, read stories, and stay happy’

Birthing and Maternity Period

On one hand, you are ready to give birth and cannot wait to hold your baby. On the other hand, you have mixed feelings about the birthing process. For your first-time birthing, you may have second-hand knowledge, but the unknown is always scary. This is quite normal. What you need is a professional hand to guide your right. With Apollo Cradle, you can sit and discuss the process of birthing and the precautions you must take. The professionals and their knowledge will make you feel at ease and stave off any oncoming panic.

The first thing to realize about birthing is labor pain. It can be unbearable for most and at times there might be medications to help. Going for the normal delivery means accepting the pains. Pain is not something to be afraid of. Instead, you can focus on finally seeing and holding your baby. Let the experts guide you through the process and look forward to the blessed moment of birth. 

This is when you are getting your checkups more frequently. If your due date passes, you can have the professionals help you nudge your labor period to begin. If your water breaks, it is also an indication of upcoming labor. You can reach out to the hospital chosen for delivery and contact the experts for guidance. 

Post birthing maternity period is when you heal from birth and nurse your little one. Any dos and don’ts can be provided by the doctors including the diet chart for gaining strength.

Apollo Cradle

Any questions you might have can be addressed with the professionals from the Apollo Cradle team. We have decades of experience in giving new life to young ones and handling complicated cases. No matter your issues, our experts will patiently provide you with a solution that is best for you and the baby. You can find us today for a quick consultation. We can chart down your pregnancy from day 1 from symptoms, diet, and checkups to the precautions in your daily routine.

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