5 Tips to Increase Chances of Normal Delivery

July 28, 2022

5 Tips to Increase Chances of Normal Delivery

Everyone hopes for a normal delivery, without complications for the mother or baby. It is achievable if certain facts are kept in mind. In this blog, you will learn more about the,

Tips to Increase Chances of Normal Delivery

Pre-birthing Preparations

Expectant mothers need to mentally accept the discomfort associated with delivery and develop mental toughness. Although good pain relief medicines and epidural analgesia are available, normal delivery is not a bed of roses. Many women start pregnancy with the idea of avoiding labour pains. Such reluctance makes it hard to deliver normally.

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Start exercising as early as possible in pregnancy, unless advised otherwise by the doctor. Using an Indian toilet is an excellent exercise for strengthening the pelvic muscles. Exercise doesn’t increase the chances of an early delivery or harm the baby in any form. Consult a doctor for any specific dos and don’ts related to your case. Most exercises to be done in the antenatal period are fairly simple and focus on increasing the range of motion and flexibility of pelvic muscles.


Contrary to traditional belief, pregnant women need not eat much more and as frequently as possible, to nourish the baby sufficiently. They must avoid eating too much wheat, rice and sugars, or gain excess weight, as it can lead to the development of diabetes and big babies, which can reduce chances of normal delivery. An average woman should gain around 10-12 Kg from the beginning of the pregnancy until delivery. Weight gain over 18 kg in nine months is considered abnormal. For those who are plus size, weight gain should be restricted to 8-10 kg on average.

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Supportive Birthing Partner

A supportive birthing partner – husband, mother or any other person whose presence boosts the morale of the pregnant woman, must be present inside the labour delivery room. This person should encourage the mother to focus on breathing and relaxing techniques during labour, and help with delivery exercises. Learn and practice labour exercises beforehand.

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Be Informed

The couple must be well educated on all aspects of labour and clarify doubts with the doctor beforehand. Be actively involved in deciding the mode of delivery. Visit the hospital beforehand and familiarize yourself with the space and facilities. These aspects help handle the situation confidently.

Though normal delivery is desirable by both doctors and patients, sometimes it becomes impossible. Prepare yourself well during the antenatal period, but let the doctor make the final decision on the best way to bring your baby into this world.

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