Your Guide to Natural Childbirth Classes

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While we have numerous information relating to labor and delivery there is some shrouded mystery around the act of childbirth itself. It’s time to lift the veil and introduce the world to knowledge around childbirth. Birthing classes can be a real asset to understand the intricacies involved in normal childbirth. By taking a natural childbirth class, one can break the stereotypes created around it, where it’s generally shown as gory, violent and hysterical.

Childbirth classes differ in their focus and mode of operation. But nonetheless they all provide essential information on labor, delivery and postpartum issues. One of the most famous is Lamaze courses, where information about different ways to position yourself for labor and birth, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, communication skills and breastfeeding is given.

The Bradley Method prepares the mother to give birth without pain medications while the father learns to act as coach to the birth mom. The class also prepares you for emergency situations like cesarean section. Another method known as Hypnobirthing or The Mongan Method, teaches moms how to use hypnosis techniques to avoid a fear-tension-pain cycle and instead focus on how comfortable childbirth is.

Informed Beginnings are in-person birth classes where the focus is to make moms understand that natural childbirth and breastfeeding are healthiest and safest for both mother and child. These classes also emphasize on the importance of having a loving support team during pregnancy. These classes can effectively help in lowering anxiety around childbirth. You are also coached on the importance of nutrition and exercise. They also provide you with information about possible complications that may arise during childbirth and how they can be effectively handled. Information about hospitals, birthing centres are also given.

They slightly differ amongst themselves in schedule but if you are too busy to join any or none of the schedule suits you, you can always hire a private instructor at home. But remember, knowing what to expect from that first contraction to labor pain and the final push, will go a long way in preparing you for childbirth. All these classes may differ in their philosophy but their ultimate aim is to make your journey of pregnancy a joyful one. Don’t miss the opportunity!