Types of Childbirth: Vaginal Delivery, Water Birth and more

August 3, 2022

Types of Childbirth

Bringing a baby into this world is a colossal task that is achieved with careful planning and the right care. Although vaginal delivery is considered the normal delivery method, couples should look at other techniques and therapies that may make the process easier, safer or more convenient for the mother and child.

Following are some delivery techniques that are preferred by mothers and doctors for their uncomplicated, painless methods and techniques.

Vaginal Delivery

When a baby is delivered via the birth canal of the womb, the delivery is termed a vaginal delivery or natural birth. Most doctors will recommend it as long as it is possible and will, at all times, opt to avoid going for caesarean delivery (see below). For a mother planning to have multiple children, vaginal births are highly recommended. When done by making an incision above the anal area, the procedure is called an episiotomy.

Caesarean Section (C-section)

In a C-section, a surgical incision is made in the mother’s belly and uterus, and the baby is then delivered. A C-section can be planned as many women opt for it, or can also be performed when the nature of pregnancy demands. It can be unplanned too, as complications can arise during labour and a C-section may make the delivery a lot safer for the mother and the baby.

Assisted Vaginal Delivery

The most common type of birth is vaginal delivery. When needed, assisted delivery methods are often used. Although labour is a straightforward and noncomplex process, it can require the assistance of additional medical staff. The assistance can vary from emergency delivery procedures to the use of medicines.

Water delivery

In a water delivery, the mother goes through some or all of the stages of childbirth in a portable tub which is similar to a hot tub. The baby can be delivered when the mother is underwater. The mother can even get out of the water and deliver the baby in a different position. Women go for water births as it can be more relaxing and less painful to be in the water.

Lamaze Technique

The Lamaze method is in line with natural childbirth and is typically known for its controlled breathing techniques. The technique also includes different comfort strategies that can be used during labour. The breathing techniques involved increased relaxation and reduced the perception of pain. Along with breathing, it also includes other techniques of childbirth preparation.

Bradley Method

The Bradley Method focuses on preparing mothers for natural childbirth coached by their partner. The emphasis rests on being prepared for an unassisted vaginal birth without medication. The method is taught over 12 weeks, using a workbook and additional help from friends and family. Along with learning ways of reducing pain during vaginal birth, the method talks about nutrition and other aspects of natural health.


More of a philosophy rather than a technique, hypnobirthing sessions teach relaxation based on self-hypnosis, visualisations and breathing techniques to create a state of relaxation which is free of the resistance created by fear. The method promotes the woman’s faith in her birthing body’s potential. It empowers them to call upon her natural birthing instincts at the time of delivery to ensure a calm, serene and comfortable birth.

Delivery methods come with their own merits and demerits. While choosing the type of delivery method, opting for a delivery method that involves less pain is recommended. In addition, taking the mother’s health into account is also essential. A doctor will recommend the method that will best avoid complications and help achieve a smooth delivery.

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