Pregnancy Stretch Marks- Myths and Facts

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Pregnancy stretch marks also medically known as ‘striae gravidarum’, are often formed when a woman reaches the last trimester. This is when her belly expands to the maximum, causing the elastin fibres and collagen that help to support the abdominal skin, to weaken and tear.

Though women today are proudly flaunting their stretch marks to commemorate their achievements of bringing life into the earth, yet the truth is everyone would love these marks to go away. That being said, a lot of myths have been circling around over the internet and ear-to-ear, giving everyone a ray of hope in the dark, only to be let down when these formulas do not give results.

Hence, to keep you in the loop and help you understand right from wrong below are some of the pregnancy myths debunked for you.

# Myth 1: Applying cocoa butter creams during pregnancy can stop stretch marks The Truth

When a woman is pregnant, no amount of cream or oil rubbed into the skin can prevent the formation of stretch marks because it all depends on a woman’s genes, skin stretchability, and collagen. Though creams and oils are great moisturisers, they cannot be absorbed enough to stop the marks from occurring. In fact, applying too much of cream or oil on the belly during pregnancy can instead lead to developing rashes on the skin.

# Myth 2: Only overweight women are prone to develop stretch marks during pregnancy The Truth

Yes, it is true that weight gain can create stretch marks in the body but you must also understand that it is natural for most women to develop stretch marks during pregnancy. As a matter of fact, over 90% of women have stretch marks from pregnancy and their body weight has nothing to do with it. Stretch marks are hereditary, which means that if your mom had stretch marks from pregnancy, then you are likely to have them too.

# Myth 3: Pregnancy stretch marks are going to spread to other parts of the body gradually

Stretch marks develop due to strain on the elastin fibres. It is not a contagious illness or disease. Hence, it is absolutely baseless to even think that it could spread to other parts of the body

# Myth 4: Pregnancy stretch marks are going to stay forever

It can be worrisome to think that you might have to live with pregnancy stretch marks all your life. But, the good news is that after childbirth, with regular exercise and hydration of the skin the stretch marks will reduce. Furthermore, there are treatments like laser therapy to diminish their appearance on the skin.

# Myth 5: Using a toner on the skin can reduce stretch marks after pregnancy

Believe it or not, using a toner on your stretch marks is not a good idea because it will only make the skin tighter and further increase your stretch marks. The solution is to always keep your skin hydrated with lotions, which will reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your skin.

Undoubtedly, pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. But, it cannot be denied that pregnancy stretch marks on the abdomen are the most dreaded. There might be many people advising you to adopt methods to stop it from happening. But, the best you can do is stay prepared and take care of it once the baby is here. After all, pregnancy is a journey worth enjoying and not worrying about.