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When you hold your baby for the first time you’re unable to describe the feeling. But, once you bring your little angel home, it is possible you get frantic about how to take care of your baby. Especially if you are first time parents. So, here are a few newborn care tips to help you out.

The first guidance can begin from the hospital staff itself. While you are still there, you can ask the doctors and nurses for advice on what all you need to take care of when holding your baby, about breastfeeding & anything else that you wish to ask. Doctors and nurses are always there to help you out. But, there are a few basic tips about handling a newborn on your own.

Hygiene! Hygiene! Hygiene!

Before handling your baby make sure you wash your hands thoroughly or you could also use a hand sanitizer. Your baby does not have a strong immune system as of yet, and is thus prone to infection. Also, make sure that anyone else who wishes to hold your baby cleans their hands properly as well. A very important baby care tip!

Your baby needs support

A newborn is really fragile. So, make sure to support your baby’s head and neck when you pick up your little angel. Place your hand as a cradle behind your baby’s head when you carry your baby and support the head when you carry your little angel upright or are about to lay your baby down.

Do not shake your baby

Whether you want to play with your baby or you are frustrated, make sure you do not shake your baby vigorously. Doing so is dangerous as it can cause bleeding in the brain and even death. If you wish to wake up your baby from sleep then don’t do so by shaking. You can opt for tickling your little angel’s cute & tiny feet or blow on the cheek gently.

Fasten your baby securely

If you’re going to carry your baby in a carrier, stroller or car seat, make sure to fasten securely. Avoid any activity that could be too rough or bouncy. Your little bundle of joy is not yet ready for it.

No rough play

Your baby has just been born. Just came into this world. Rough play is not exactly the best greeting. Even jiggling on the knee and playing by throwing your baby in the air should be avoided.

Well, these were just few basic tips on how you can handle your newborn. There is a lot more to it.
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