Dr. Akshata Sharma

Dr. Akshata Sharma

MBBS, MS (Obst. & Gyne), MRCOG, Fellowship in Fetal Medicine

Experience Speciality
10 Years Experience Fetal Medicine
Location Timings
Delhi-NCR-Chirag Enclave Mon : 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM, Sat : 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM & Wed : 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM

95 Patient Satisfaction Score

Doctor Info

1. Managed and performed numerous caesarean sections of placenta praevia, abruption placentae, eclampsia, transverse lie with hand prolapse, cord prolapse, malpresentations and obstructed labour,obstetric hysterectomies, ectopic pregnancy laparotomies,Molar evacuations, cervical encerclages,MTPs.
2. Management of high risk pregnancies such as heart diseases, haematological, neurological , liver diseases in pregnancy, multiple pregnancies, preeclampsia, diabetes, vaginal instrumental deliveries, ectopic pregnancies, molar pregnancies,HELLP, DIC, ruptured uterus, heart disease, HIV and other medical disorders in addition to managing normal labours and high risk caesarean sections.
3. Assisted numerous Intrauterine Transfusions, Fetal Laser Interventions,Cord Coagulation ,Fetal Pleurocentesis,Fetal shunts.
4. Worked in close associations with geneticists and had numerous genetic clinic referrals for genetic diseases at AIIMS/Apollo Centre for Fetal Medicine.

Awards & Achievements

1. Nominated for the Commonwealth Scholarship(UK) in Fetal Medicine from India.
2. International level First Prize in poster presentation titled “Is Midtrimester Cervical Screening An Effective Tool In
Preventing Preterm Births in an Urban Indian Population” at 8th ISUOG International Symposium, Delhi, in June
3. National level Second Prize in poster presentation on “Severe Acute Maternal Morbidity” at AICOG, Delhi, in
February 2008

Professional Memberships

1. Member ,Society of Fetal Medicine
2. Treasurer, Fetal Medicine Foundation, India(FMFI)
3. Faculty at Outreach Programmes,FMFI.
4. Organising Faculty for the Fetal Medicine and Cardiac Symposium,Udaipur, 2017(FMFI)
5. Teaching Faculty at the Fetal Ultrasound Programme(FUP)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Dr. Akshata Sharma practice?

Dr. Akshata Sharma practices at Apollo Cradle Hospital, Delhi-NCR-Chirag Enclave

How can I take Dr. Akshata Sharma appointment?

You can take Dr. Akshata Sharma appointment by calling 1-860-500-4424 or by visiting website or walk-in to hospital.

Why do patients visit Dr. Akshata Sharma?

Patients visit Dr. Akshata Sharma for Fetal Medicine & more...

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