A cesarean section (C-section) is a surgical procedure. It involves the birth of a baby by incisions in the abdominal wall and uterus. The first reported C-section took place in 1020 AD. The process has developed since then. If there are pregnancy difficulties, a C-section may be required. People who have undergone a C-section may need another one. Yet, the need for a first-time C-section isn't often obvious until labor begins. Yet, Cesarean deliveries are sometimes planned early in the pregnancy.


The skin may be cut through by down or from side to side and across. From the belly button to the pubic hairline or the pubic hairline by incision. Because it heals well and causes minimal bleeding. The mother's and the fetus's health determines the sort of incision made. The uterine incision may either be horizontal or vertical.

When should I see a doctor?

If there are issues that may risk anaesthetic difficulties during a scheduled C-section. Healthcare physicians may recommend consulting with an anesthesiologist. A doctor may also tell you to get specific blood tests before having a C-section. The findings of the tests may be useful if you need a blood transfusion during the C-section. Even with vaginal delivery, it is critical to be ready for the unexpected. Discuss the prospect of a C-section with your doctor well in advance of your due date. Appointments are available at Apollo Cradle in Koramangala to get expert advice. Call 1860-500-1066 now to book an appointment.. Call 1860-500-1066 to schedule an appointment.

What to expect?

An average C-section lasts 45 minutes from beginning to end. After the baby is here, the healthcare practitioner will seal the abdominal incision. Various emergencies might happen during delivery. Your baby can be out in as little as 15 minutes in some circumstances.

Are There Any Risks of a C-Section?

Cesarean delivery is a serious surgery, and while problems are uncommon, they do occur. Doctors usually assess the risks of a c-section against the dangers of vaginal birth. So always question why a c-section is being advised and if there are any alternatives at all.


The following are some potential effects of a C-section:

  • Reactions to the anaesthesia used;
  • Bleeding abnormal placenta separation, especially in people who have had a prior cesarean;
  • Birth damage to the bowel or bladder;
  • A uterine infection;
  • Infection of a wound;
  • Urinary tract infection or difficulty urinating delayed resumption of bowel movement;
  • Clots of blood;
  • A woman might not be able to give birth vaginally in the future if she has a C-section.
  • Other dangers that are specific to you could exist. Be sure to go over any worries you have with your doctor before the surgery.


In the following circumstances, doctors advise a C-section:

  • Labor is not proceeding;
  • The fetus is in trouble;
  • The fetus is positioned unusually;
  • There are several fetuses inside of you;
  • The placenta is malfunctioning;
  • umbilical cord prolapse;
  • A health issue exists;
  • There is an obstruction;
  • You've before undergone a C-section or other surgery

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1. Will I Be Awake During the C-Section?

You will most likely be able to receive an epidural or spinal block and be conscious during the birth. During an emergency cesarean, you may be sedated with a general anaesthetic.

2. How Long Does a Cesarean Section Last?

Though every circumstance is different, a cesarean birth can take as short as 15 to 20 minutes. More than 45 minutes are required to sew up the uterus and abdominal incision.

3. Holding my Baby Right After C-Section?

As soon as stitched up. You will be handed your baby for some need skin-to-skin interaction.

4. Can I Breastfeed After a Cesarean?

There isn't any difference between vaginal birth and c-section on starting to breastfeed. Provided both are well, the baby can try to latch on to some very nutritious colostrum after delivery.

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