Childbirth Preparation Classes

The labour and delivery process can be both scary and stressful, especially for first-time mothers. The majority of pregnant women, whether they have a child or not, might need some help. For informational purposes and to reduce their worries, several women and their spouses decide to take childbirth preparation classes.

What do childbirth preparation classes teach?

Certain techniques and methods are very helpful in preparing parents, especially mothers. The teachings are listed below:

  • The food intake during pregnancy
  • Teachings regarding the physiological changes
  • Typical pregnancy-related discomforts, along with ways to deal with them
  • Activities to do while pregnant that promote a healthy delivery
  • Exercises related to breathing and yoga
  • Kegel exercises
  • Couple's workouts
  • Informing about labour stages and how to identify the labour signs
  • Teaching how to tackle labour pain and techniques that can help with pain relief
  • Different methods of newborn care
  • Guiding mothers on how to breastfeed their newborns

What are the different types of childbirth preparation classes?

Certain birthing scenarios, including C-sections, vaginal births following C-sections (VBAC), and multiple births, are covered in some childbirth classes. Parents who merely wish to revisit the basics might register for refresher classes. Some courses concentrate on certain birthing techniques. The two most popular of them are discussed below:

Lamaze Technique:

Gaining more self-confidence in your abilities to give birth is the aim of Lamaze. By practising techniques like focused breathing and massage, Lamaze classes teach you how to manage discomfort in a way that both speeds up labour and increases comfort.

Class teaching includes:

  • Regular birth, labour, and the first several weeks after giving birth
  • Getting ready for labour and birth
  • Pain relief with relaxing and massaging methods
  • Working together and communicating abilities and knowledge of medical processes
  • Breastfeeding
  • Optimum lifestyle

Bradley Technique:

Birth is emphasised as a natural process by the Bradley approach. With the use of relaxation methods and the assistance of your spouse or labour coach, you learn how to control labour.

Class teaching includes:

  • value of diet and physical activity
  • Pain-management approaches using relaxation
  • Labour preparations by practising
  • How to give birth vaginally
  • maternity care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Advice for a coach or doula on how to stand up for and assist the mother

A lot of additional classes include components from other approaches. You can come learn about lessons on different methods of giving birth, such as hypnobirthing. It involves self-hypnosis and profound relaxation.

Role of Medical Professionals in preparing parents for childbirth

During pregnancy and childbirth, several medical professionals, including your OB-GYN, will be present in the delivery room. Preparing for childbirth also ensures that you know who will be there during the process and what role each one will play. Together, they will ensure the best and safest conditions for you and your unborn child.


Childbirth classes are extremely beneficial and highly advised. The birthing classes will help you overcome your stress regarding childbirth and newborn care. They provide you with the information and assurance you need to control your labour and delivery experience.

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1. What is the purpose of birth preparation classes?

Whether you are a first-time mother or a seasoned delivery room veteran, childbirth classes increase your confidence as you approach labour and delivery.

2. How much time does it take to prepare for childbirth classes to be completed?

The third trimester is the ideal time for pregnant women to start their education. A pregnant lady will have more learning time later on if she starts studying about delivery earlier.

3. What factors should I consider to select the class that offers the best education and teachings regarding childbirth?

Search for a class given by a qualified and registered childbirth educator. To encourage conversation and allow for individual training, childbirth groups should be small—no larger than 8 to 10 couples. Be sure to inquire about the price, location, and timetable.

4. What should a labour bag include?

A labour bag is what you prepare beforehand as you near your due date, in case you need to rush to the hospital. It should include a change of clothes and slippers, basic hygiene and skincare products, and a phone charger. The labour bag should also include some items for your baby, such as swaddle blankets, clothes, and diapers. This comes in especially handy if, for some reason, you need to extend your stay in the hospital after delivery.

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