Tips to cope up when your baby is in the NICU

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If your baby has born premature or sick, then the baby is kept in a neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU). When a newborn is in NICU, parents of the newborn literally go through a lot of emotional setbacks. Following tips can help you to cope up during this time:
Prepare yourself to go through an emotional stage: You might be worried regarding your baby’s health problems. It is absolutely okay to feel emotional and cry. At times you might feel sad and jealous about other new moms whose babies were born without complications, and you need to understand that it is perfectly okay.
Know about your baby’s doctor: Speak to the doctor who is diagnosing your baby and try to understand the situation in lay-friendly terms. If you are not able to present personally you can get update from the nurse who was present in the NICU during doctor’s visit.
Take care of yourself: Though you prefer to spend much time with your baby at NICU however it is important to stay healthy so that you can take care of your baby. Get enough sleep and exercise to reduce the stress. Eat healthy meals and carry healthy snacks on the go.
Prepare to breastfeed: Babies kept in the NICU are normally fed through a tube first; hence you may have to delay breastfeeding. However, after your baby’s birth you can start building up your milk supply and nurse later on.
Accept help from others: Do not hesitate to accept help from others. Ask for favours from others regarding help in laundry, sleepover for older sibling, pick up and drop to hospitals.
Set Limitations: NICU has strict rules for visitors and however, you can also set limitations and restrict more visitors to NICU. You can also restrict visitors not to touch baby’s hands or feet.
Managing elder sibling: If you have an elder child, then make them understand the reason behind their new sibling’s hospital stay. It is also important to spend some time with your elder child so that they don’t get lost.