What To Expect During Your First Ultrasound?

January 14, 2022

What To Expect During Your First Ultrasound?

First USG in Pregnancy – Pregnant women anticipate the USG (ultrasonogram) appointment more than any other prenatal appointment. It’s simple to understand why! It’s exciting to get a glimpse of your baby while your sonographer examines him or her for certain growth and development markers.

A sonogram, often known as an ultrasound, is normally conducted by an ultrasound technician or, in rare cases, by an OBGYN. During pregnancy, an ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to image the developing baby and the mother’s reproductive organs. Ultrasounds can help doctors diagnose a variety of disorders and conditions, even ones that aren’t related to pregnancy. Depending on the pregnancy, the typical number of ultrasounds varies. Talking about the same, here’s a look at what one should expect during their first USG in pregnancy.

About Your First Ultrasound

The first ultrasound is referred to as a “dating” or “viability” ultrasound. It’s usually done between 7 and 8 weeks to confirm your due date, look for a foetal heartbeat, and measure the baby’s length from “crown to rump”. During this ultrasound, you will also find out whether you’re expecting a single baby, twins, or multiples. You may even be able to see or hear your baby’s heartbeat during the appointment. If you have irregular periods or haven’t had a period since discontinuing birth control, this ultrasound will be especially useful in determining a more accurate due date. Your due date is significant because it informs your doctor about your baby’s development each month.

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What to Expect at Your First USG in Pregnancy?

When you’re only 7 or 8 weeks pregnant, your foetus is only about two centimetres long. The ultrasound is performed transvaginally to obtain a close-up view of your uterus and foetus. This means that the ultrasound is done internally, literally “through the vagina.” A transvaginal ultrasound can be uncomfortable, but it is not painful. Most people believe it is less invasive than a gynaecological exam with a speculum.

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Your OBGYN or ultrasound technician will gently insert a narrow ultrasound wand just inside your vagina to perform this ultrasound. A transducer is another name for the transvaginal ultrasound wand. It’s about three centimetres in diameter, about the size of a tampon. A condom and lubricant will be used to protect it. The wand will not enter your cervix and is therefore safe for your baby. You may be asked to arrive at your first ultrasound with a full bladder. A full bladder allows your uterus to be in a better position for the ultrasound.

What Will Your Doctor Look For at Your First Ultrasound?

  • Pregnancy viability
  • The heartbeat of the foetus
  • Size of the foetus
  • Pregnancy, single or multiple

An ultrasound is essential for determining the foetal health at various stages of development. With the right diagnosis, parents can make decisions that will help them have a healthy baby. You can get your ultrasound done at one of Apollo’s best maternity hospitals in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and other cities.

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