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Pregnancy heartburns are frequent burning sensations felt by soon-to-be Moms at varying stages of their pregnancy. This occurs mainly due to the action of a hormone, progesterone supposed to relax body muscles during pregnancy. In the process, it sometimes ends up relaxing the gastro-esophageal valve thus leading to backflow of acid into the esophagus. On the other hand, the growing womb also needs more space, thus cramping into the stomach more.
Heartburns, although quite harmless, might be very unpleasant to tolerate. It produces a burning sensation starting from the lower end of breastbone to the bottom of the throat. This burning is mostly due to acid in the gut.
As such, heartburns aren’t serious enough to consider treatment although there may be rare exceptions.
Following some homely tricks and tips to soothe your gut might help you get rid of pregnancy heartburns.
  • Eat slow and eat less. Eating too much to the extent of feeling “full” might only make these heartburns worse. Rather than three square meals a day, try eating four to six smaller meals.
  • Sip liquids while you’re eating. This helps prevent overeating and enhances digestion. Also, try taking beverages in between meals,
  • Don’t lie down or bend over immediately after a meal. This can bring the acid back in your gullet. Rather, do some light chores, walk around a bit or sit down with your laptop for a movie.
  • Don’t eat another meal if you’re already feeling full. At the same time, avoid very long gaps in between meals. Both these cases lead to release of excess acid that leads to irritation in the gut.
  • Sleep on higher pillows, to keep your head and upper chest elevated. This is not just comfortable but also helps the stomach acid stay where it belongs.
  • Avoid eating right before bed.
  • Let your ‘bulk body’ breathe. Loose fitting nightdress at home and cotton dresses when you’re out are a blessing. This helps prevent pregnancy heartburns.
  • Try ginger. It has not only been proven to ease your heartburns but also prevents nausea and vomiting which are twin symptoms of morning sickness.
  • If none of these homely tips are working for you, consider some safe antacid.