Exercises for an Easy Labour and Delivery

September 19, 2018

Exercises for an Easy Labour and Delivery

Pregnancy is undoubtedly a wonderful journey, but as time progresses, the last few weeks will take a toll on your body. A backache, acid reflux, and whatnot can give you sleepless nights. So, what to do to make labour and delivery easy and on time? Read on to know more.

1. Walk

Yes, you have probably heard about this a trillion times now, but walking is excellent. It will not only enhance your overall fitness, but it can also help with easy labour and delivery. Don’t do it rigorously but do it at your own pace. Take it slow and steady. And, the best part is, that walking will also keep you calm and prevent anxiety.

2. Squats

Apart from preparing the pelvis to give birth, squats can also help the baby take the correct position, making the delivery smooth. Therefore, do it for at least five minutes whenever possible.

3. Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are fun. Especially for expecting moms. You can simply sit on a yoga ball and roll gently. This will help relax your lower back and hip muscles. And, when you mildly bounce on it, it helps the baby slide down a little, making sure the delivery happens without any glitches.

4. Sex

Yes, sex will help. It will not only make you feel good, but an orgasm can trigger uterine contractions and the semen will soften the cervix.

5. Kegels

Kegels are exercises where you deliberately contract the muscles of the pelvis. These exercises will not only strengthen your vagina but will also make sure it's easy to labour and deliver.

6. Prenatal Yoga for Easy Labour and Delivery

Yoga is the best exercise for both the mother and the baby. Since the last few weeks can be stressful, with yoga you will be able to relax and keep a calm mind. You can join a prenatal yoga class where a certified instructor will teach you yoga positions to strengthen the legs, hips, and back. This will help when the time comes for you to push.

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