New Mom Weight Loss Nutrition Guide

September 17, 2018

New Mom Weight Loss Nutrition Guide

The months of pregnancy bring change to your body. After the delivery, the new goal of almost every new mom is to get into their original body shape and maintain it. It is hard but not impossible. With the right amount of nutrients and exercise, you can achieve that.

But before you start to go on a strict Pregnancy Diet, consult your doctor. As your body is still recovering from the process you need all the nutrition that you can get to maintain your energy. In addition, your baby depends on you for all the crucial nutrients.

While it is quite normal for a new mother to lose 2-3 kg per month, it is also important for her to make up for the loss of energy. To help you with that here is a new mom weight loss nutrition guide.


The good news after the birth is that your body will naturally try to shed the extra weight. You can speed up the process by starting with detox water every morning.

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As you will be breastfeeding, you will naturally need more than the required nutrients.

  • Calories – While you need around 1900- 2200 mg daily, during breastfeeding this increases to 2400 mg.
  • Calcium – It is suggested that you take around 1300mg of calcium per day.
  • Folate – While breastfeeding you need to have around 280 mcg every day, otherwise, 180 mcg is good.
  • Iron – You need 15mg of iron every day
  • Protein – 44-50 mg of protein is a daily requirement but when breastfeeding 65mg of protein intake is preferred.
  • Vitamin C – 60 mc is needed during the breastfeeding phase.


One of the best ways to lose weight easily is to avoid fast food and replace it with something healthier. In addition, it is often suggested to eat a small portion at regular intervals. And do not forget to stop munching on before sleep. Instead of reducing your excess weight, it will add on.


Another addition to your eating habits would be to increase fibrous food in your diet along with more liquid, especially water. It helps with digestive problems that most new moms face after delivery.

In addition to these nutritional tips, start your exercises but start with walking. After some months you will start seeing the change. However, do not start your weight loss strategy as soon as you are out of the hospital. It is suggested to take at least 2 weeks off any strenuous activity as your body is still healing.

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