Health Conditions Affecting Working Moms

September 19, 2018

Health Conditions Affecting Working Moms

Being a mother is a 24/7 duty. It is one of the best jobs that a woman can have. But nowadays women are very much career-oriented and are no less hard-working than men. They have proved themselves as homemakers as well as carrier women. But most of the mothers, due to their hectic schedules, face some health issues. The issues might not be very serious but can make mothers less efficient and unable to enjoy this phase of life to the fullest. Some of the many health issues are discussed below:

Back Pain

This might sound like a very simple issue but a continuous ache in the back can be quite disturbing and make it difficult for the moms to cope up with their hectic schedule. This can be caused by carrying kids and sitting for long hours on your work chair.
Some simple exercise and a lot of movements even during work can help to overcome this problem. You can opt to work every hour and perform simple stretching in the chair only.

Pelvic Pain

There might be pain in the pelvic area even after delivery due to the stretching of the tissues during childbirth. Abdominal exercises can be done to get relief from such pains.
To make the work chair comfortable one can use a gel pad or a soft cushion that gives support to the pelvic region and reduces the pain.

Blocked Milk Ducts

Nursing mothers need to empty their breasts at regular intervals because if not, clogged ducts can be painful and may need medicinal help to be treated.
The pain can be reduced by massaging around the blocked ducts and pumping out the excess milk.

Problem of Indigestion

Mothers may face various problems such as constipation or indigestion. This may be due to their unscheduled eating habits, stress or lack of relaxed sleep.
Fiber rich diet should be taken and a lot of water throughout the day can help. Yoga can help in removing stress.

Improper Nutrition Intake

Mothers are so obsessed with providing the right nutrition to their kids that they forget that their body needs nutrition too. Lack of proper nutrition can make them weak and result in fatigue.
Several multivitamin tablets present in the market today can serve the purpose of keeping moms healthy.
Remember, healthy moms raise healthy children!

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