Increasing Your Calcium Intake as You Grow Older

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Time is no friend of health. As you grow older, your health keeps on depleting. To reduce this depletion, we resort to exercises and a well-balanced diet. But even in this, we don’t pay much attention to one of the key nutrients- CALCIUM.
If you think that calcium is only essential for bone density and strength, then you are completely wrong. Almost every cell in our body uses calcium in some or the other way. It helps in the proper functioning of the muscular and nervous system.
And when you don’t take this nutrient in the required amount, to maintain the function, our body steals this mineral from our bones where it is essentially stored. Hence, you start losing your bone strength, increasing the risk of many bone diseases.
The loss of calcium becomes more apparent as one grows older and thus, it is suggested by the doctor to increase the calcium intake with age. After knowing this, you may want to know how to increase your calcium intake as you grow older. So, here it is.


With n number of calcium supplements in the market, one may end up taking them. But, before going for any supplement one must remember, that the calcium can be best absorbed from food. You can go for supplements to make up for any shortfall. Further, supplements increase the risk of kidney stones and heart disease.


While there are some substances that may hinder the calcium absorption, there are other that allows more of calcium absorption. Vitamin D is one such powerful ally that allows more power to calcium absorption. Therefore, try getting your daily dose of Vitamin D.


You already know that intake of calcium from food is much more beneficial. But there are certain kinds of food products that you must pay special attention to get that required amount of calcium.
Dairy products, green and leafy vegetables, certain fish, oatmeal, tofu, cabbage, green beans, garlic, oranges etc. are some of the most calcium-rich food items.


As told, there are certain enemies of calcium. Caffeine and alcohol are among some of the most consumed anti-calcium food products.

While children only require around 200-milligram calcium per day. An estimated amount of 1200 daily milligrams of calcium is to be taken from the age of 51 for women and 71 for men.