Signs of Labour

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It is interesting to learn that you can determine if you will be going into labour soon enough when you look out for some signs. The whole journey of pregnancy takes its own time and a few changes here and there, go inside your body. Same stands true for going into labour, it is a gradual process. Here are a few signs that you should look for if your expected date is approaching and you want to be prepared for it.
  1. It may sound a little weird but you will finally be able to breathe. This is also known as lightening or dropping. The baby would shift a little lower into your pelvis and this will decrease the pressure on the diaphragm. You will be able to breathe more easily and will be relieved.
  2. Since the beginning, you are told to look at what is going down there and that will help you this time as well. A thick mucus plug is present to protect the growing baby from any bacterial infection and if you see a thick discharge stuck to your panties with a little or no blood, chances are that baby is ready for the world.
  3. An amniotic fluid is present to protect and nourish the growing fetus and the fluid breaks when it is time for delivery. It is called breaking of water and when that happens, immediately rush to hospital because you will be going into labour for sure.
  4. Contractions may occur throughout your pregnancy and you might have felt them come and go. However, if you are approaching your delivery date and observe stronger and powerful contractions, you might be going into labour. It can also be a false alarm so if you think that it can be a genuine sign, don’t forget to time the contractions before heading to the hospital.
  5. You will observe changes in your cervix as it starts preparing itself for delivery. It dilates, opens up with each trimester. You can ask your doctor regarding the increasing size. If the changes in the cervix is accompanied by contractions or nesting, prepare for the labour.
These are a few signs which can mean you are approaching the time of delivery. Make sure you stay well rested and have someone around you all the time so that they can help out if you happen to go into labour.