Five effective ways for new mothers to balance work and family life

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Are you a new mother? Finding it difficult to manage your work-life balance? You’re at the right place! The idea of ‘having it all’ might seem impossible to you, but here we are to help you strike the balance the right way, while keeping your boss & your little one at home, happy!

Tips for you to balance work and life:

  1. Inform your colleagues – Make sure that you inform everybody at your workplace about your present situation, that you might not be available as often as earlier. Speak to your seniors about your situation and the need for a healthy work life balance, so that they are able to understand your requirements and provide you with leaves and perks, accordingly.
  2. Work from home – Today’s era of high-tech internet facilities makes it easy to work from home. You can opt for working from home as it does not involve taking official leave, enabling you to maintain a healthy family work life balance. You can work and keep a tab on your toddler’s activities simultaneously. So, you receive the happiness of working, and sharing some precious moments with your child!
  3. Paternal leave – Both mothers and fathers must balance work and life to support their children’s growth. As fathers are equally important, nowadays many companies sanction paternal leaves to dads for spending time with their new born children. Go ahead and tell your hubby that his presence is needed for your child and you! With him by your side, balancing work and family will become an easier task!
  4. Store your breast milk – There are certain situations in which you simply cannot miss work, for example, a vital meeting was scheduled beforehand.The first thought that comes to your mind is that your infant needs to be fed on time. No, there is no need to panic! You can pump out your breast milk and store it in bottles, inside the refrigerator. Specialised pumps are available in pharmaceutical stores. Once you keep the milk safely stored, the rest is your partner’s responsibility. Now you can attend the meeting in peace, and let your hubby enjoy some daddy-time!
  5. Day-care centres – After a period of compromise by working from home, taking maternal/paternal leaves and working part-time, you may admit your toddler to a well maintained creche, where proper care will be taken to ensure that primary education culminates into refined character development. This will enable you to engage in full-time work, and be assured of your child’s wellbeing!

Maintaining a healthy work life balance has become an important factor in newborn mothers’ lives. Gone are the days when mommies adhered to stereotyped norms, as now they can adopt numerous ways of balancing work and family life. So, ladies, go ahead and achieve your goals!