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The Weaning method involves gradually cutting back the number of times a mother breastfeeds the baby during a day. Slowly reducing the number of times the mother breastfeeds can help …..

As soon as one says breastfeeding, one thinks about it being a mother’s job. It was a common belief among all men that they are passive observers of such an …..

Most nursing Mommies are accustomed to some of the fuss that their newborns baby can raise when fed on certain days. Some of these may be genuine baby moods or …..

Breastfeeding means feeding a baby or child with the milk from a woman, usually a mother’s breast. According to WHO, exclusive breastfeeding, i.e., feeding of only mother’s milk and no …..

Most women who recently delivered a baby use breastfeeding as a method of birth control to uphold a gap between baby’s births. Efficiency is an important concern while considering a …..

Breastfeeding is an important topic for every new mom. Your body will produce colostrum (pre-milk) for first few days after your baby’s birth. Colostrum is nutrient rich and has properties …..

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