Your 3 month pregnancy diet chart

Eating healthy and having a nutritious diet is always good. The importance increases when you are pregnant. It is essential to have a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy, but the first trimester matters the most. So, here is a healthy 3 month pregnancy diet chart to help you out.

Before we start listing down some essentials on your first trimester pregnancy diet chart, let it be known that a perfect pregnancy diet is that which strikes the right balance between essential nutrients, carbohydrates, fats and proteins for your body. The diet can change from person to person.

However, here are some essentials for your first three months of pregnancy.

Green, leafy spinach

Spinach is an essential ingredient to your diet chart as it is rich in folic acid. This allows your baby’s neural tube to fuse in properly in the first month of pregnancy.

You can add a special spinach touch to your nutritious smoothies or even mix it up in your salad. Both are nutritious and yummy options.

Load up the lentils

Lentils are a very important ingredient to not just your 3 month pregnancy diet. It is an essential ingredient throughout your pregnancy diet as it is rich in proteins, which helps in the proper growth of the baby’s tissue and muscle.

So, think about adding lentil soup to your diet.

Call up citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are rich in folic acid which aids in preventing birth defects.

You can get your citrus fruit intake in the form of juices or add it to your salad or just slice them up and eat. The choice is yours.

Nutty nuts 

The intake of proteins on a daily basis during pregnancy is high and nuts come in very handy at this point.

You can just eat them as it is or crush them and sprinkle it on your yogurt or mix it in your cereal. They also make a good ice-cream topping! Enjoy them the way you want. The goal is higher protein intake and it will be achieved.

Consuming cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is rich in calcium and protein, and both are very beneficial for the baby’s bone and muscle development.

You can eat it as it is or mix it in one of your own recipes.


This ingredient comes in handy if you have deficiency of vitamin D in your body. The easiest way to accommodate asparagus in your daily diet is to toss it up in your salad.

Eat eggs

Eggs are a rich source of calcium, proteins and vitamin D. All of these are very important for proper bone development of the baby.

How you wish to eat them is up to you. Scrambled eggs or boiled eggs or even mixed up in your salad. You can eat them the way you like best.

Broccoli beckons

Broccoli contains high amounts of iron – very essential during the first three months of your pregnancy as it helps in forming red blood cells in the baby.

You can cook it in your own recipe or even go for it in soup. You are free to decide.

Beans, beans, beans

Beans are a rich source of protein which, as mentioned above, is essential for the muscle development of the baby and it also gives you energy.

You can make your own bean recipe or just simply add them as one more ingredient to your salad.

Yummy yogurt

Yogurt has high amounts of calcium and vitamin D, enough to fulfill the nutritional needs of the baby and of your body as well.

You can simply have a cup of yogurt if you like it that way or make a smoothie if you wish to add a taste twist.

These were some of the essential ingredients of your 3 month pregnancy diet chart. But, before you include any of them in your pregnancy diet make sure to consult the doctor. It is not necessary that the pregnancy diet for each woman be the same. It can vary. Consult our experts to know more about how to make your own pregnancy diet chart to take the best care of you and your baby. Visit


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