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Review consultant reference and patient medical record, assessment of condition and provide physical therapy management and treatment plan for outpatient obstetric and gynaecological patients. Conduct assessment and re-evaluation, provide intervention for in-patient’s ward, provide physical therapy treatment, ambulation, postural correction and discuss proper feeding ergonomics for baby breast feeding. Document intervention, taking follow ups and document patient progression. Sessions include Changes in Pregnancy education and Preparation of Childbirth education.

Treatment & Services Expertise

  • Provide support and assistance in labour by teaching exercises, movement, positioning and breathing techniques for patient in the labour delivery room. Sessions and design plan for antenatal exercises trimester wise, postnatal exercises and postnatal weight loss. Assessment of condition of Paediatric patients with Developmental Coordination Disorder, Cognitive developmental delay, hyper tonicity, hypo tonicity disorders and mobility impairment. Provide customized treatment protocols with timely re-evaluation and progression.

Professional Membership

  • Delhi Council of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I Book an Appointment online with Dr. Masooma Rehaman?

To book an appointment online with Dr. Masooma Rehaman, fill in the details on our Apollo Cradle Website "Book Now". You will get an email confirmation with your appointment to confirm your consultation at your chosen time.

Where does Dr. Masooma Rehaman Practise?

Dr. Masooma Rehaman offers in hospital physical consultation at Apollo Cradle, New Delhi - Chirag Enclave

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