Which Week is the Third Trimester of Pregnancy?

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The entire gestation period or pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. Out of these, the third trimester starts from month 7 and lasts until 9 months when the mother is ready to give birth. Approximately, it’s the period of extensive differentiation of the fetus which begins at around week 28 of pregnancy and ends at 40.

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This is about a time when your belly has grown about two-thirds and you’re pretty sure that there is no way on earth that it can get any bigger. But, there’s a catch. You will be surprised to know just how much growing your unborn still has left to do. Therefore, your tummy has a lot of growing to do as well.

By the beginning of the third trimester, fetal finger digits, major organs, heart and fine hairs over the body have already been formed. Further, into the third trimester, fetal lungs differentiate and develop even more and the unborn has better reflexes, such as blinking, grasping firmly, closing the eyes and turning the head. It also learns to respond to external environmental factors, like light, sound, touch, etc. Thereby, its body weight will increase quite a bit. The mother should expect some indignant pokes and kicks in the womb due to decreased space. Fetal heartbeat can be recorded by a stethoscope during this period. Brain functions also develop, including a capacity to regulate body temperature and dream. Fetal poop, comprising blood cells, vernix and lanugo start accumulating in fetal intestines.

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While your baby is growing like crazy and getting all ready to face the world like a brave warrior, your own body is having to adjust to this extra work-load imposed on it forcefully. So, be kind on it and pamper it. Don’t hate it when you can’t fit into your previous clothes at all or when it’s pulling you down in terms of mood and work efficiency. In fact, complete rest during the third trimester is strongly advisable. Stay active, but don’t stress your body. Expect frequent abdominal achiness, backache and stretch marks to take their toll on your body.

Whenever things feel like they are going beyond your control, visualize the face of your newborn!