Vaginal delivery in high-risk pregnancies is a satisfying experience!

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Dealing with a high risk pregnancy is a challenge! The joy that we get and are able to give to our new mothers by achieving a successful vaginal delivery in a difficult case is immense. The happiness we see in the new parents and the family of achieving a vaginal delivery is unexplainable! We feel proud to be able to give the memorable bonding to the mother and baby. Apart from innumerable immediate advantages of a vaginal delivery, the chances of achieving another vaginal delivery in the next pregnancy automatically increase and some of the dreaded complications of a previous caesarean scar in the uterus are totally avoided.

We would like to narrate one such successful case.

A 31 years old lady was admitted to Apollo Cradle Royale, Nehru Enclave, Delhi for delivery at 38 weeks into her first pregnancy. She was happy and excited about being almost there but was anxious and very concerned about her baby, as the baby was showing signs of poor growth inside due to decreased blood supply and also had two loops of cord around its neck! We at Apollo Cradle Royale gave her all the support and strength to ensure a safe delivery in safe hands.

She was under care of Dr. Ranjana Sharma who has been practicing obstetrics for the last forty years. The experience and the skill give her strength to offer the option of safe vaginal delivery in such high risk situations too.

With the calm and expert care of our team of doctors and nurses the patient achieved vaginal delivery within six hours of admission and managed to go home after thirty six hours of the delivery with a healthy baby. The family and we were overwhelmed with joy!

We take pleasure in attending such unique and risky cases. Our efforts are well appreciated.

Our hearty congratulations to the mother and little one.