Ways to Prepare Your Body for a Smooth Normal Delivery

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The time arrives when expectant mothers finally experience something that they have waited for – their baby’s birth.

Labour is a long and arduous process, but if the body and mind is prepared for it, vaginal birth need not be stressful or traumatic.

Normal delivery or vaginal delivery benefits the mother and baby, in many ways. It helps the mother heal faster, so she can attend her child’s needs sooner. Also, as the baby traverses the birth canal, it picks up helpful bacteria that protect it from developing diseases later, like respiratory problems at birth.

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Tips to Ensure a Smooth Birthing Experience:

  1. Take preconception counselling from your gynaecologist. Try to conceive at the recommended ideal weight and age.
  2. Don’t gain excess weight during pregnancy.
  3. Follow a healthy diet during pregnancy, so you can handle the rigours of labour more easily. Avoid oily, fried food, junk foods and processed sugars. Strictly avoid smoking and alcohol.
  4. Walk at least 45 minutes daily and practise exercises suggested by your doctor. Stay active throughout pregnancy to build stamina and physical endurance. Do relaxation exercises including pelvic and thigh strengthening exercises like butterfly, bridging exercises, partial and complete squats, cat & camel exercises.
  5. Fetal position is critical to the birthing process. If the baby is malpositioned, then vaginal birth can become difficult or impossible. The baby should be in the head down position by about Week 32. If the baby is not in the right position, then fetal positioning sessions maybe necessary.
  6. Complete all prenatal visits and tests as scheduled.
  7. Avoid overloading information from the internet. Instead discuss all queries and doubts with your doctor.
  8. Be Positive. Negative thoughts will hamper vaginal birth plans. Surround yourself with people who help you stay upbeat and happy.
  9. ‘Lamaze’ a popular childbirth preparation method teaches labour and delivery coping mechanisms. It focuses on rhythmic breathing exercises and massages to reduce labour pains, and favours spontaneous, non-induced labour with minimum interventions.
  10. Stay mobile during labour, and have a birthing partner or a loved one to provide support throughout labour and delivery.
  11. Push when you feel pressure. Stay with your baby after birth to promote bonding, and begin breastfeeding as advised by your doctor.

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