Second Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a very personal and blissful experience and once you decide to expand your family after having one child, your journey becomes a little easier the second time. You are wiser and know better how to get things done this time. While some things are quite obvious, others have to be learnt so that you can be fully prepared the second time.
Here is a list of things that are observed with mothers who will be delivering second time: 
  1. You will be much more confident in your approach as you will know what suggestions worked for you. Every mother develops different tastes, different habits and exhibits different behavior while carrying their baby. You will understand yourself better the second time, be aware of changes occuring in your body and know right things to do.
  2. Your bulge will become visible a little sooner. The uterus expands to support the development of the baby and doesn’t go back to its original configuration after delivery. Abdominal muscles expand as well and that is why your tummy starts showing early.
  3. You are aware of the changes taking place in your body and know of the baby’s movements as well. You won’t confuse the movements with minor gastric problems or constipation. Mothers learn to differentiate eventually.
  4. The hormone relaxin, released during pregnancy is more active the second time and may show some effects. One of those visible effect is increased body ache. You might find yourself resting and complaining about aching body parts more often.
  5. Women tend to go into labour sooner. This is because your body has already been through the whole process previously and hence it reduces the labour time.
These are a few things that you may experience during your second pregnancy. However, the routine check-up, healthy diet, adequate sleep etc. still have to be a part of your must-do list. You may not be able to concentrate on your soon-to-be family member as much because your older one would be around. Try taking out some time for yourself, take help of your relatives and don’t let stress affect your health. Schedule regular appointments with your gynecologist to make sure your baby remains healthy.