What are the Important Components of Good Prenatal Care?

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What are the Best Practices?

A quality prenatal care can make a huge difference in your overall pregnancy care journey. It is important that you contact a proper maternal and child health doctor who will correctly advise you to take the necessary steps.

At Apollo Cradle, we believe that every pregnancy is different and that is why our prenatal care unit deals with each case individually. An ideal maternal care unit will provide you with special care and guide you through this wonderful journey.

Many mothers undergo prenatal stress and anxiety. That is why our job is to comfort and consult. A quality maternal care should not only incorporate the technical necessities but should also incorporate some humane aspects like supporting the would-be mother through her emotional journey.

Yes, we believe that prenatal care is not just about examining the physical change, but also supporting the emotional changes, caused by altering hormonal secretion.

What We Do During the Maternal care Visits?

  • We ask the would-be mother about her medical history. This includes all the details of her previous operations (if  any), pregnancies (if any) or whether or not they have undergone any fatal ailment.
  • We also ask about healthy history of the family. The maternity care doctors accumulates all the information regarding the blood sugar or thyroid history of the would-be mother and based on that the advice is offered.
  • The doctors here will conduct a pelvic exam along with a pap test to check whether your system is withstanding the pressure of pregnancy in a proper manner.
  • At Apollo Clinic we conduct a series of routine blood tests to assure that everything is right on order. The health of blood often determines the health of your baby inside the womb and that is the reason why the doctors here make sure that your blood stays healthy throughout the journey.
  • Apart from that, we indulge in holistic maternal and child health by checking the abdomen of the mother and the heart rate of the child.

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Why Prenatal Care with Apollo Cradle?

We believe that a regular prenatal care check-up with us will not only ensure a trouble free pregnancy but also will relieve you from anxieties and tensions. Our doctors are available for assistance and reducing any early pregnancy related risks. It also reduces the infant’s possible health problems by a great extent.

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