What are the causes of Down Syndrome?

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Down syndrome can be defined as a genetic disorder which is caused by the disorder of chromosome 21 that can result in development delays and physical disabilities. There are various signs and symptoms and these differ from patient to patient. In these patients the process of intellectual ability is delayed than a normal individual.

What are the causes of Down Syndrome?

It occurs because of the extra genetic materials that come along with the 21st chromosome. This causes some development delays and abnormalities. Usually an embryo should contain 23 pairs of chromosomes and two sex chromosomes each from the sperm and the egg. But in those individuals affected by Down syndrome, during the transfer of 21st chromosome some extra genetic materials are transferred making the count of chromosomes 47 instead of 46 and hence the error occurs.

The Signs and Symptoms of Down Syndrome:

All individuals with Down syndrome look almost the same though this might not be the case for all the patients. The looks and other physical features depend on the genes. Some common features can be there such as a small head and neck as compared to the body, wide palms accompanied with small fingers and so on. The growth might be less than other individuals of that age, this problem won’t be identified right after birth but as they grow. Obesity with growing age can also crop up due to lack of movements. The intellectual and development growth would also be less and delayed as compared to the individuals of similar age.

How Down Syndrome can be Diagnosed?

Down syndrome can be diagnosed right when the fetus is in the uterus with a number of recommended tests. Though these tests may have the risk of miscarriage but with proper consultation with your trusted doctor the proper test can be ensured and the required can be processed.
Once the birth takes place, Down syndrome can easily be diagnosed by the appearance of the baby. Some tests can be done to confirm this.

Can Down Syndrome be Treated?

There is no such known treatment or procedure to completely cure or remove this condition from an individual but with proper therapies such as physical therapies, speech therapies and many such to improve the quality of their life can be improved. The best way is to treat them like normal individuals and give them immense support.