Fetal Anomaly Scan

The foetal anomaly scan is a routine test, and every pregnant mother has to take it. The scan is extremely safe and helps you learn about the anatomical structure of the foetus and any further complications.

A pregnant mother usually goes through a lot of tests. One of the primary reasons behind this screening is to understand the current situation of the foetus. Not only that, but the screening also helps one understand the child's current developmental state and if there are any complications.

In some cases, after the professionals have assessed the complications, they can provide treatment at the earliest possible stage to take care of them. The foetal anomaly scan is a crucial test you must do as a pregnant mother.

Importance of Foetal Anomaly Scan

Usually, the test is done during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy and is a level 2 ultrasound. Along with being an anatomy scan, the foetal anomaly scan is also done to screen the position of the pelvic organ of the mother, the posture of the foetus, and the placenta position.

It is probably the most important part of the routine prenatal screenings that a pregnant mother tends to go through. It is also used to assess the sex of the baby; however, in countries like India, divulging that information is considered illegal.

How to Prepare for the Foetal Anomaly Scan?

  • Eating and Drinking: The pregnant mother can usually eat and drink as she pleases and should stick to the diet routine that the gynaecologist has provided. To conduct the foetal anomaly scan, you do not need to have specific guidelines, like a full or empty bladder.
  • 30 Minutes Before the Test: Just 30 minutes before the test, you will see that the technician will advise you not to empty your bladder by urinating. It is usually because some of the liquid is important for properly visualising the foetus.
  • Positive and Calm Mind: Finally, for the test, you must have a positive and calm mind. The foetal anomaly scan is very important, but being scared and apprehensive about it can increase risk.

Risk Factors Associated with the Foetal Anomaly Scan:

The foetal anomaly scan is a part of your regular screening and is advised by almost all gynaecologists. There is often an apprehension among mothers that the ultrasound rays are not good for the baby. However, the scan does not have any side effects.

Benefits of the Foetal Anomaly Scan

  1. Anatomical Development of the Baby: The first and most important reason you are advised to take the foetal anomaly scan is that it helps you understand the baby's anatomical development. It is crucial to understand whether the baby has developed as required or if the pregnant mother needs external inducements to boost development.
  2. Screening for Heart Diseases: The scan is also extremely beneficial for understanding if the foetus has any heart disease. Early scanning and screening can help one provide on-time intervention.
  3. Analysing Brain Defects: The foetal anomaly scan is also a good test to understand if the foetus has any brain development defects. Along with that, you can understand any spinal abnormalities, if any.
  4. Sex of the Baby: Finally, with the help of the scan, you can deduce the sex of the baby. However, there are some countries where the government has prohibited the sharing of this information. It is a criminal offence in India. 

When Should You See the Doctor?

You will notice that once you get the test results from the scan, you will have to visit the gynaecologist. It is because they can deduce the results of the scan, and if there are any abnormalities; they can point them out.

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1. Is the Fetal Anomaly Scan Important?

Yes, the fetal anomaly scan is a very important routine test, and all the gynecologists will ask you to take it.

2. When is the best time to take a Foetal Anomaly Scan?

For the best results for your fetal anomaly scan, the best time to take it is during the time frame from 18 weeks to 20 weeks.

3. How long does the Anomaly Scan last?

The fetal anomaly scan is quite comprehensive, and it takes about 25 to 30 minutes to conduct the test correctly

4. Can Anomaly Scan Detect Birth Defects?

Yes, the anomaly scan is a good option that you can use if you want to scan for congenital disabilities.

5. Is Fasting Required for Anomaly Scan?

You do not need to fast to undergo a foetal anomaly scan.

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