Why you shouldn’t let anyone to kiss your new-born

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The first cry of a new-born brings so much joy and overwhelming happiness to families. It is heart-warming to just look at the little baby, and even more delightful to carry that little infant in your arms. 

This thrilling joy is not restricted to just the parents, but also to the immediate family members – assorted siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts and naturally, the overjoyed grandparents.  

When they see the little one, no one can resist giving just one little tiny peck on the cheek, forehead or nose of this little bundle of cuteness. This is an expression of pure love. But, it is something that doctors and paediatricians worldwide clearly say NO to. Giving a child even a small little kiss on their face or even hands or feet is simply not advised. 

Baby skin is very delicate, and easily prone to rashes and infections. Their immune system has not yet evolved properly, and it is important to keep them protected in every way, so that they don’t come in contact with any pathogens, bacteria or viruses. Washing and disinfecting our hands, arms and faces is always necessary before interacting with the child.  New-borns are also quite vulnerable to the HSV-1, better known as the Herpes Simplex Virus, which causes mouth sores in adults, and can spread through physical contact. So, if unknowingly an adult carrier of the virus kisses the child, it may lead to several complications.  

As parents and grandparents, you can be gentle but firm with all visitors, and make sure that they shower their love and blessings on the new-born, but don’t smother him/her in kisses.  

A lot of young couples nowadays keep sanitisers for people to use before interacting with their baby. Some of them do not allow the child to be carried by anyone else, other than themselves or their parents.  It is a matter of serious concern, and you have the right to request people to not do certain things. If, as a new parent, you feel awkward stopping anyone directly, you can always tell them that the doctors have asked visitors to not do so. Alternatively, ask your parents to explain this to the rest of the family and friends.  

While being a parent and grandparent is truly the most enriching and fulfilling experience of your life, it comes with a whole new set of lessons and learning. 

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