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Tummy cramps is a very common problem in babies, and it does happen to at least 20% of babies in first few days to weeks after birth.

If your child seems to be fussy and distress for regular intervals in a day or a week, they may be suffering from tummy cramps. Tummy cramps make your baby uncomfortable and interfere with her good sleep as well. The below information benefits you to understand the condition and helps to calm your baby during tummy pains.

What causes tummy cramps?

Tummy cramps is often a result of colic, constipation, gastroenteritis, gas or intestinal blockage, reflux, and lactose intolerance. The other possible causes include diarrhea and nausea which may happen conditionally depending on the cause of abdominal pain like infection or allergy. Besides, tummy cramps may also occur due to any viral infections in the stomach which usually disappear in no time or a couple of days.

What can you do to ease tummy cramps in babies?

Though the tummy cramps are not harmful, it can be frustrating and distressing to look after a baby dealing with tummy cramps. Monitor the following steps to make your baby comfortable during tummy cramps.

Step 1:

  • Track the necessary information if your baby seems unusually fussy (such as when did the pain start, how long does it stays, is the pain occurs all of a sudden or gradually increasing).
  • Try to notice if anything factors that trigger the pain in your baby like eating a particular food or having constipation.
  • Recurrent episodes of pain along with other symptoms like high fever and vomiting is a serious condition to concern.

Step 2:

  • Wrap your baby in a warm towel to ease tummy pains. Additional options to soothe your baby from tummy pains include giving a warm bath or placing a warm bottle on his/her tummy.
  • Gently rub your baby’s tummy to give him/her a real relief from the pain. Rubbing on the tummy helps to release out the gas trapped (causing cramps) in the stomach. On the other hand, following some burping techniques especially after feedings helps to calm down the gas discomforts.
  • Swaddling even provides additional comfort to your baby if you suspect any tummy pains.

Step 3:

  • Do not serve your baby with solid foods (banana, rice) during tummy pains. Give clear fluids in small sips regularly to maintain proper hydration.

Step 4:

  • Just make your child lie down and take rest until he/she feels better.

Usually, the tummy aches last for 1 or 2 hours but if you notice your baby’s symptoms of tummy cramps getting worse and continuing for several days, then contact your child’s health care provider.

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