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Fertile window refers to the period during which a woman can get pregnant during her menstrual cycle. This is the best time to have sex if trying to conceive. The Fertile window comprises of 6 days, 4 days before ovulation, the day of ovulation, and one day after ovulation. The probability of getting pregnant increases by three times if intercourse occurs during these 6 days.

How to calculate fertile window?      

During ovulation, a woman may or may not notice the changes happening in the body. To know the signs one must get in touch with body and the changes occurring during ovulation. You may expect the changes three weeks before the next period starts in your body. Check for:

  •    Increased vaginal excretions (wet and stretchy like egg white)may appear and are referred as fertile mucus.
  •    Feeling discomfort or uneasiness on one side of your tummy.
  •    Having increased sex drive

Usually, ovulation happens 12-14 days before you expect your next periods. Henceforth, the right timing of ovulation depends on the length of menstrual cycle. Calculate the length of the menstrual cycle by counting from the day you start bleeding during your periods to the preceding day before you start the next bleeding. The average menstrual cycle length is 28 days, but it may vary from woman to woman.

Does irregular period effect fertile window?

Some women may have regular menstrual periods. Irregular cycles do influence your fertile window and make it harder for you to decide the right time (exact day). Hence, it is important to have a regular check the cervical mucus after finishing your monthly periods. The cervical mucus changes its consistency to slippery and transparent form (exactly like egg white) at the time of ovulation.  Women who are unaware of the fertile window are recommended to have sex often to optimize the chances of getting pregnant.