BREAST FEEDING Myron is the first and the last thing I do in a day and it’s my favourite part of all. Those peaceful moments when he falls asleep in my arms and his tiny fingers tickle me from one side and held me tight from the other(as if I would run away). The funny beginnings when he would keep bobbing his head desperately looking for food. It’s a memory I wish I could live in forever. I am surely going to miss this one day(when he outgrows my lap).
To be honest there have been many bumps along the way and that breastfeeding Myron was not always rainbows and sunshine. Being a doctor and a lactation consultant myself things may have been a little easier though, but it wasn’t a walk in the park for sure.
First few days were rough with all the mood swings/sore nipples/engorgement/leaking breasts/recovering body/uterine contractions while feeding(those were the worst part)/sleepless nights(very few though)/those zillion un-called-for advice from elders(who think they know better than you every time)/the isolation phase during feeding(when I wasn’t comfortable feeding Myron in front of anyone except  Dishant). But very soon we started settling-in. 
From the moment I first saw Myron curled up in a beautiful white sheet, those pink lips wanting to eat me up, the moment I wrapped his tiny body in my arms & he wrapped mine into his, I wanted to make this work, I wanted to make “US” work. NO MATTER WHAT. 
I wasn’t able to have the kind of delivery I desired.i gave my 100% in preparing myself physically and mentally. But it did not work for me. Not having the childbirth that I wanted, made me strive to work even harder at breastfeeding. I used up all my knowledge from medical school and all the help & support from my dear friend Vandana, to do anything that I possibly could, to provide Myron with the most healthy food(breast milk).
I also want to emphasise here that every mother’s breastfeeding journey is unique and fraught with its own set of challenges. For some, it’s a piece of cake and for some, it’s a constant uphill battle. Some don’t end up breastfeeding at all. But you know what “IT’S OKAY”. Let’s not get judgmental towards ourselves or others. A general norm is not always normal for everyone and normally doesn’t always happen to everyone. All that is required is we try our best in achieving what we set as goals and leave the rest at the hands of the destiny and embrace happily, come what may.

PS-I am attaching a photo of my husband along with ours as a tribute to him. Without him, none of this would have been possible. He has always been the biggest strength in my life in general and more so on this beautiful journey. Can’t thank him enough. 

Dec 15, 2017, My life changed forever when I gave birth to my son via C section.