Is Bed Rest Important During Pregnancy?

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Gone are the days when everything you do during pregnancy is resting and eating a lot in the name of eating for two. Women nowadays believe in being active and eating right during this stage as we know that the weight gained during pregnancy is hard to lose. Mommies decide to workout, attend yoga sessions and also continue working up to a certain time. There are examples of women who work and exercise till their due date. However, there might be some cases where mommy-to-be might be advised a complete bed rest. Preeclampsia, multiple pregnancy, overactive lifestyle, pregnancy care bleeding might be some of the reasons why a woman is advised bed rest.

Bed rest refers to limited physical activities during pregnancy. The doctor may advise to move limitedly, movement may be allowed only in the premises of home for completion of necessary tasks like bathing or toilet. There is no evidence that bed rest helps to improve the situation during pregnancy but it is considered harmless and hence advised. But bed rest can come with some issues such as low baby weight, depression and anxiety, slow recovery after delivery and so on. It is quite evident that an active mommy-to-be is fitter and recovers quickly after delivery as compared to one who is advised a bed rest.

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If bed rest is advised to you by your doctor, it is very important to be very clear that up to what extent you should be resting. Take help of your doctor to make your concept regarding bed rest clear and ask all sorts of questions that might arise in your mind. Ask about the duration of taking bed rest, the minimum amount of household chores and movement that might be allowed.

It is very important to keep a check on your diet because this may rapidly increase the weight and also cause constipation due to least movement. It is very important to do some doctor prescribed exercises to avoid blood clots that are a very common side-effect of bed rest.

The best way to avoid the depression caused by being on bed rest is to learn a new hobby or something interesting that can keep you busy and the mind fresh. It is very important for the mind to be free during pregnancy as depression and anxiety can cause adverse effect on baby.