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For every parent, their child’s health is the top priority. They will do everything possible to protect their children and make sure that they are healthy.  The best way to do this is to make sure that your baby is vaccinated at the right time. Babies get a number of vaccinations by the time they are 2 years old. This may seem a lot to a few parents but it is necessary.  Here are a few reasons why Vaccination is very important for your child’s healthy living.


  1. Saves lives: Vaccines are recommended for infants because their immune systems are not developed fully and so they are prone to many diseases. It can save your child’s life.


  1. Prevents dreadful diseases: Vaccines prevent dreadful diseases like Polio which can lead to deformities in the child. These diseases if not prevented can lead to paralysis, amputation of limbs, hospitalization and also death.


  1. Saves money: Vaccine preventable diseases are more serious and the treatment, if possible will cost a lot. It is better to get vaccinated before and prevent contracting these diseases rather than going through the painful hospital process and bills later on.


  1. Vaccines are safe: All the vaccines today are safe for your child. It is a very rare case where a vaccine would have a side effect. The chances of protecting your child from a preventable disease are much higher than that of a side effect.


  1. Eradicates diseases: Vaccinations protect not only you but also others. If we continue vaccination, there is a possibility that some of the diseases of today would no longer be seen in the future. These diseases would get eradicated. Taking a vaccination not only protects you from a certain disease but also protects the future population.


  1. Vaccines help in the long run: When a baby is vaccinated, his/her immune system becomes tougher and the child does not get ill very easily. This also continues in the long run. If not vaccinated, these diseases would effect the child when he/she grows up and these diseases could have effects on the child’s further development.


  1. Protects others as well: Young babies, who are not vaccinated, get diseases like measles which can spread to their siblings or to the older people in the family. This reoccurrence of diseases can lead to fatal consequences. Getting your infant vaccinated not only protects your family, but also helps prevent the spread of these diseases.


Through the years, doctors and scientists have worked on improving the vaccines and are now trying to come up with one vaccine that could be a substitute for all the shots together. It is not advisable to skip your child’s vaccination as this will make the child very weak and more prone to diseases in the long run. Protect your child by getting him/her vaccinated at the right time. Visit this page for more information on vaccination.