How To Care For Your Kids During Summer

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Summers are most probably one of the toughest seasons to be tolerated by the kids. The excess sweat during the hot summers can cause dehydration and also many skin problems. The kid’s soft and delicate skin needs protection from the scorching sun. They need not only external but also internal care in this summer. Here are some discussed ways in which kids can be safeguarded against this harsh weather.

1. Keep Your Kids Hydrated:

It is very important to keep the body fluids high. Excessive sweating and water loss from the body can cause dehydration that can lead to further problems. Kids should be given ample water and if they refuse to take plain water, fruit juices and glucose should be given to keep them hydrated.

2. Make Them Wear Light Cotton Clothes:

Comfort of your kids is above all fashion and styles. Dressing them up in light colored cotton clothes will keep them comfortable and help them to move about freely. Buy good quality cotton clothes to ensure maximum comfort of your child.

3. Maintain a Healthy Diet Full of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

The summer makes digestion process slow due to the high temperatures. It’s suggested to offer kids a light diet and avoid fried and rich food. Fresh fruits and vegetables have high water content and will keep the kids hydrated and hence internally healthy.

4. Avoid Going out During the Day:

Try to avoid the kids from going out in these hot summer days. Parents can organize some fun indoor activities so that the kids do not want to go out to play during their summer holidays. Keeping the kids indoor can save them from the scorching summer heat and also avoid several skin problems such as sun rashes, prickly heat and so on.

5. Giving them Proper Protection before Stepping Out in the Sun:

However hard we try it is not possible to always lock our multi-tasking kids indoor even during their summer holidays. There are so many activities that the kids need to learn during their vacations. But while stepping out they should be ready to face the heat. Protect their delicate skin with sunscreen, use sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harmful UV-rays and clothes should expose least possible skin.
This summer keep your kids protected!