How Breastfeeding Can Help Soothe C-Section Pain

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Recovering from birth is never easy. It’s even more difficult and painful if you have undergone a C-section. You may have to bear the pain for months. In difficult times like these, what can come to the rescue of paining mothers is ‘Breastfeeding’. Breastfeeding has always been the most natural way of providing nutrients to the new born child. Studies have shown that those women who practice breastfeeding have reduced the chances of developing cancer by eleven percent. In recent studies, breastfeeding has been linked to various benefits, both for the mother and child.

Breastfeeding can help effectively in lowering chronic pains induced due to C-section. Doctors now suggest that those women who breastfeed for more than two months decrease the chronic pain of C-section by threefold than those who do just for two months. Nearly Fifty-four percent of mothers complain of anxiety during breastfeeding. One of the reasons why chronic pain is induced can be anxiety itself. To overcome this anxiety, it’s highly recommended to embrace breastfeeding as the most natural way to go about things. Doctors all across the globe are now recommending new mothers to breastfeed for more than two months to significantly curb the chronic pains of C-section.

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Taking classes before birth that can educate you on benefits of breastfeeding can help immensely postpartum. These classes can open your mind to breastfeeding significantly so that after birth you can practice this natural method without any doubts and anxiety. Another great benefit of breastfeeding is it burns calories immensely. So if you wishing to shed off the pregnancy weight, breastfeeding is a great method.

Apart from breastfeeding, what mothers can do to heal their C-section faster is take ample amount of rest, focus on good nutrition and take good care of incision. It’s advisable to incorporate more iron-rich food in your diet, such as red meat, fish, poultry, pulses, green vegetables and dried fruits. You can also include probiotics in your diet to help quicker absorption of nutrients from the food you intake. Yogurt, pickles, Kimchi are also good examples of probiotics, you can start consuming.

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