Don’t Lower The Guard, Stay Safe!

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Mindful Mommies-to-be!

We Indians love ‘Good News’ … and just the announcement of a baby’s arrival makes everyone delighted. But this is 2020, and we are still in a semi-lockdown.

This is a time when the precious ‘good news’ must be guarded and protected.

If you are expecting your baby or have recently had one, the team at Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospitals would like you to remember that your baby depends on you for protection.

It is your responsibility to take all the steps to stay safe, and keep your baby safe. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for being a Mindful Mommy:

– Stay home, Stay safe. Even if you feel tempted to just go out for an hour for some festive shopping, don’t. Choose to do it online instead. Optionally, delegate your To-Do list to someone who is stepping out anyway.

– If going out is imperative, wear a mask and keep strict social distancing. When you return, change to a fresh set of clothes and shower.

– Sanitise your hands as often as necessary, and encourage your family to do the same. Request someone to do the same for surfaces around the house.

 – Eat a wholesome diet full of fruits, vegetables, pulses and nuts, as advised by your nutritionist. Build your immunity by taking the recommended supplements.

– Be watchful about what you’re watching – whether it’s the news, a film or a show. Choose content that makes you happy and enthusiastic. Avoid violent or distressing content, as anxiety triggered by such content can compromise your immune system.

– To ensure the wellbeing of both, mother and child, we as family and friends must also follow these precautions and safe practices. If we truly care, we too need to be mindful of those around us, especially the vulnerable.