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The festive season has begun in full swing, and it is an especially exciting time for families who are expecting a little one soon. After 2 years of restrictions, everyone is looking forward to meeting people, inviting guests and indulging in celebrations.

In the midst of this flurry of activities, pregnant women often neglect themselves while trying to do as much as they can. Here’s a gentle yet firm suggestion – Don’t!

This is a time when you are responsible for a little life within you, and this makes it imperative that you look after yourself first. 

Smoke, Pollution, Crackers – STAY AWAY:

Despite restrictions and constant reminders, people are burning crackers every day of this season, and continue even after that. The toxic fumes released by these, the pollution from vehicle smoke as well as the company of friends and family who smoke cigarettes, can cause damage to a pregnant woman and her fetus. While it is not always possible to get away from the city, one can always avoid stepping out during peak traffic hours, and refraining from gatherings where people are going to burst crackers and smoke cigarettes.  At home, shut the windows and doors in the evening itself.

Home decorations with caution:

It feels wonderful to give the home a makeover during Diwali. This time, just do this mindfully. That means, request others to help you clean, reach high places or bend.  Choose ornaments which are not sharp edged, and display it in a way that no one is likely to bump into them. Use organic colours for rangoli and opt for the minimalist, classy look. 

Allergies on the prowl:

This is a season when allergies flare up, either due to change in weather, rise in pollen or the increased pollution. At such times, any kind of wall painting or whitewashing is strictly advised against, as the number of chemical fumes released can trigger the allergy even more. If it is unavoidable, opt for wallpaper or else schedule it for a time, when you are staying out for a couple of days. 

Your baby prefers soft sounds:

A baby growing within your womb or even little children are not comfortable with loud sounds, sudden thumping music or eardrum shattering noises. It not only frightens them but can impact their hearing. 

If it is possible, politely request friends and neighbours to keep the volume moderate. Otherwise, shut the windows and curtains, to reduce the impact of noise and wear earplugs. Children can be made to wear earmuffs. 

Cotton clothing is safest:

Natural fabrics like cotton or khadi are not only breathable, but are more resistant to heat and fire, as compared to synthetics. 

Bring out your brightest ethnic cotton wear, and enjoy celebrations while keeping a safe distance from tealights, candles, deeyas, agarbattis and crackers. Ideally, choose loose clothing which is not too flowy or layered. 

Eat sensibly, and stay hydrated:

This is a time when a lot of mithaai, chocolates and savoury snacks are always within arm’s reach. While it is fun to indulge a little, too much can cause discomfort, bloating and indigestion. The smart way to enjoy these festive flavours is to eat small, healthy meals every two hours so that one does not feel too hungry and then go overboard. Also, it is essential to stay hydrated to avoid feeling uneasy or dizzy. 

Keep these handy:

  • Though all homes should have a first-aid kit handy, sometimes no one knows where to find it.  Keep yours in a place where everyone is aware. 
  • Make a list of numbers of doctors, chemists and family members, and stick it on the refrigerator or a prominent place, so that people can be called on urgent basis. 
  • Keep fruits and healthy snacks on hand, for the hunger pangs that set in. 
  • A change of clothes and comfortable footwear should be carried, if one is stepping out to meet family and friends, so that one is at ease at all times. 

Don’t fret over what you can’t pull off:

Though everyone wants their homes to sparkle and be spotlessly clean during Diwali, as a mommy-to-be you don’t have to insist on ‘perfect’. What is left undone is fine. If some drawers are disorganised, it’s okay. There are no medals for anyone, so don’t be hard on yourself or others if things are looking slightly messy.

The festival is about rejoicing at what we have and also what we are about to welcome into our lives. It is a time to bond with family, friends and cousins. Make this a season of memorable moments and not superficial appearances.  

Relax, sleep well and enjoy!

We wish you & your family a Happy & Safe Diwali….

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