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Inquisitive and adventurous – that’s how most of the children are and should be. Their natural tendency to explore, play and experiment is Nature’s way to teach them about growing up in our world.  As adults, our responsibility is to nurture and encourage this spirit in children, while always looking out for their safety and wellbeing.  The objective of Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital Guide is to ensure that children remain safe from accidents & injuries; and, in case, they do get injured, to act as a referral for immediate, correct first aid procedures to be followed.


  • Furniture with sharp corners and edges is the primary reason for severe cuts and injuries at home. We recommend use of table edge guards and corner protectors, as a safety precaution
  • Rearrange furniture to provide a clear area for the child to crawl, walk and play. Remove obstructions such as coffee table, shoes, toys and other things, on which the child may trip
  • Keep sharp items like knives and scissors out of the reach of children


  • Most domestic injuries occur due to spilling of hot beverages like tea, coffee, milk and soup. DO NOT drink hot beverages with a child in your lap
  • While you take necessary precautions while ironing clothes, the real danger could be from the hot iron AFTER you finish. Ensure the iron is kept out of the reach of children.
  • We strongly advise parents NOT to allow children to play in the kitchen or to carry a baby while cooking


  • We recommend that babies be put to sleep in cribs or on low mattresses. AVOID making the baby sleep on a bed surrounded by pillows.
  • Change diapers with the baby lying on the floor. During changing, always keep one hand on the baby.
  • Place safety gates on staircases
  • Install grills on windows and balcony, with spacing of not more than 3 inches


Keep all cleaning agents, repellents, medicines, acid-based substances, away from the child’s reach

Store cleaning agents and other potentially dangerous liquids in their original bottles. DO NOT transfer these into water bottles or soft drink / juice containers.