Dad’s Role in Breastfeeding

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As soon as one says breastfeeding, one thinks about it being a mother’s job. It was a common belief among all men that they are passive observers of such an intimate moment between their child and mother. They felt excluded. But times have changed, roles have reversed. Even dads can take an active participation in the process of breastfeeding.
Dads play an important role in breastfeeding as it involves the growth and development of a child which is a joint responsibility of both the mother and the father. So here is a look at a dad’s role in breastfeeding.

Know about breastfeeding father

The first and foremost thing is to understand the importance of breastfeeding. This helps in creating a positive environment not only for the baby but the mother as well. Breastfeeding is not just a boon for the baby but the mothers as well.

Encourage your partner

An elixir for the baby, it is emotionally demanding and an exhausting job. Naturally, a new mother will have her fears. Then a father can help in building the confidence of his partner by praising her efforts. Help her get in a comfortable position.


It is not just about breastfeeding but also taking care of the baby. You could change the diapers of the baby, carry him/her for a while so that the mother can have sufficient rest. In addition, you can help your partner with household chores including cooking.


You can definitely bond with the baby. And the best way is to have skin to skin contact with the baby. You can always feed the baby with breast milk in a bottle or start cuddling your little one. This increases familiarity.
You can always be the helping hand in taking care of the baby. You can bathe and dress him/her. Sing and talk to your baby.

Take care of your partner

The whole process of breastfeeding is exhausting for your partner. After feeding the baby, she may want to rest or probably be thirsty and hungry.
Allow her the time to rest and inform all those who come to see them that they are resting. Further, make sure that your partner drinks lots of water and supply her with lots of vegetables and fruits to provide her with all the required nutrients.

Feeding is only a part of the responsibility. Bathing, napping, massaging etc. altogether becomes a very tiring task for the mother. Be the support and create a family bond.